The most important thing of an Indian wedding and festival is mehndi. The fragrant henna designs on a bride’s hand and feet not only enhance the look of the bride, but will also bring intrigue to the bride and the wedding guests.

Tribal mehndi designs

Tribal mehndi designs are slowly gaining popularity. If you look for similarities you will find that African Mehndi designs are pretty close to Indian Mehndi designs in terms of designs and patterns. Tribal mehndi designs consist designs of simple geometric shapes, lines, dots or square. Tribal mehndi designs typically cover arms, hands, or foot like a mesh.

Mehendi with Squares and straight lines only

Squares and straight lines are a feature of this style, as well as simplicity and interlocking patterns. The spacing which comes with a tribal mehndi design offers an enhanced look, which is great for brides who are looking to have a unique pattern on their hands.

mehndi designs

Mandana Inspired Mehndi

Mandana is a very famous art in Rajasthan & even in other states in South India like Andra Pradesh, Kerala & Tamilnadu. People do Mandana beside their entrance door as a gesture of hospitality and love. The same art we spotted in Mehndi Designs as well. This art inspired Mehndi includes designs of Toran, Flowers, Doli, Ganesh etc. It looks beautiful for bridal mehndi as well as Mehndi for special occasions.

Metallic Henna Painting

Metallic Henna Painting is the newest trend of mehndi designs. It is inspired from jewelry, so you have them in either gold or silver or even rose gold. This new trend provides a sparkling look which can be flaunted even at non-religious ceremonies, like parties where you have to stand out among other fashionable girls. The metallic designs can be applied in combination with the black henna or even white henna to create impressive designs.

Traditional Arabian Mehendi Designs

This is not something like a new design trend. However, we noticed many new Arabian Mehendi Design Techniques coming in. These days floral designs with shading seems quite popular for Arabian Mehendi. During the holy month Ramadan, Arabic Mehndi Designs with floral prints and earth elements stay popular. A few Mehndi artist got the mastery in Arabian Mehndi Designs.

These four design trends for Mehndi seems quite popular for year 2016 & 2017. For the Eid 2016, you can try one of these trends through a good Mehndi Artist.

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