Navratri, the vibrance of Gujarat but the passion of every Indian who loves to sing, dance or even tap her feet to rhythmic beats, a festival that creates an atmosphere full of life. Garba, the Gujarati folk dance is played with full zest all around the state. All the enthusiasts get into the mood to enjoy the most awaited dance festival. As Navratri approaches, every single person is in the dilemma of "What new taste and twist should be added to the stereotype Chaniya-Cholis and Kurtas to look attractive?"

To match up with the lively atmosphere during Navratri, here are a few tips one could utilize to grab the limelight.


1.    Choose an indo-western style in order be a step apart. Simple yet colourful knee length skirt with full flair and traditional work can be clubbed with a jazzy backless / halter Choli and a simple Dupatta. Wearing something with pure Kutchi work shall also be great. Boys could style up their Kurta by using a Dupatta as a turban or tying it around the waist.
2.    Select a material that is easy to carry, one that makes you feel comfortable even if you sweat a lot. Cotton could be a convenient option. For a good look chiffon would go really well. Easy and light to carry.


1.    The atmosphere seeming really hot these days, it would be preferable to put on light but eye catching jewellery.
2.    Traditional statement earrings and a few Bangles shall be enough to add that bling to your charming personality. Mang-Tika would make your face look really different and impressive. Boys can put on Kadas and clip-on earrings to give their attire a new look.

Make Up:

1.    Using a minimal of makeup that gives your face a natural yet pretty look is advisable.
2.    Applying Waterproof Make Up shall keep up your looks intact even if you sweat.

Hair Do:

1.    Styling your hair into a braid (a fish tail or a French braid) would be a perfect match along with the ethnic look.
2.    Tying up your hair into a bun could also be preferred as it would give an elegant look as well as a sigh of relief in the hot weather.


1.    Traditional Mojdis would be pretty comfortable while playing Garba and will be compatible with the ethnic Chaniya-Choli as well.
2.    Wearing any kind of uncomfortable footwear is not advisable as it could hurt your feet as well as your enthusiasm to play Garba.

Style up, accessorize and Dance to your fullest to be one in that crowd looking at whom everyone’s eyes are left wide open!

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Dhruv Mehta