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Style Check: Three Hijab Accessories will Enhance Your Look

Monday, July 11, 2016 5:12:35 PM Asia/Calcutta

If you are a Hijabi girl and are looking for ways to spice up your Hijab look then we have got some really great ideas for you! We are sure you had been thinking that you could only wear a necklace around your neck but you were wrong girls! There is so much more you can do. You can change your entire look by adding a little sparkle to your Hijab. It is all about trying new accessories but trust us, even with basic small small accessories you can enhance the look and feel the difference.

1) Headbands 
This one is really popular. Headband is such an accessory which every girl from every age wears them. Headbands of different designs and styles can be worn over the Hijab. You can also wear headbands with prints and embellishments on them. This can be worn to various occasions and is sure to make you look fabulous.

2) Hijab Pins
Hijab pins may sound like a simple accessory but not only do they hold the Hijab in place but also add a punch of style to your Hijab. Pins are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose a pin that compliments your Hijab or you can even go in for a contrasting pin. Just remember that the key to looking beautiful is confidence.

3) Tassels
One of the accessory as a Hijab accessory is Tassels which are very much in vogue right now. Hijabs with colorful or beaded tassels look elegant and stylish. One plus point of this accessory is that it can be paired with plain and printed Hijabs.

Make use of these tips to accessorize your Hijabs and looks eye-catching at every occasion. There are stores online and offline to purchase Hijab Accessories like Hijab Pins. There are stores online through which you can customize your Hijab pin as well. These days, Hijab pins with Diamonds, Colorful Artificial Feather, Pearl and semi Precious stones are really popular and in trend. The people who offer customize Hijab Pins offer Pin Designs with your first initials or your choice of words; which looks stylish and elegant as well.

For beautiful Abaya Designs, browse through http://www.yourdesignerwear.com You can also find stylish Moroccan Kaftans and Islamic Kaftans on YourDesignerWear.

Posted in Islamic Wear By Dhruv Mehta

How to Store Hijab Like a Pro? Organization Tips

Friday, July 1, 2016 8:04:16 PM Asia/Calcutta

A Hijab is an Islamic obligation, however today girls are embracing it as a fashion statement. There are more and more people, today who are accepting Hijab. So, in case you are one of the girls who are wearing this as a fashion accessory, we are sure you have hundreds of these head scarves. Many times, what happens is these Hijabs get lost in our cluttered closet and we tend to forget about it. The most important thing to remember about a clean closet is accessibility- if it’s not within reach; you are most likely to forget about it.

hijab designs

So today we are going to list down some ways in which you can organize your Hijab collection.

1) Tie Holders
You can convert a tie hanger into Hijab hanger. They will not only make the Hijab accessible but also save tons of space on the shelves. It is also easy to remove one scarf without disturbing the others. Since these hangers are made with the aim to hold a lot of ties, they are sturdier than normal hangers.

2) Normal Hanger
This is one of the most common ways of storing scarves. However, keep in mind that a normal hanger will not store as many as the above tie hanger.

3) Sort it according to the Season
Sort out your scarves according to the season. Since, it is summer right now, we advice to have breathable and lightweight scarves on a hanger or at the back of your closet on hooks. This means that your winter appropriate scarves will be in a drawer waiting patiently for their turn to come out.

4) Like Tie Organizers, there are scarf organizers available in the market. You can have one of them and hang all Hijab over it. There are various sizes available like 8 piece organizers, 16 piece organizer and even 2 piece organizer. You can choose the size as per your requirement.

5) If you don’t want to hang them, there are organizers come with small partitions in one. Usually people use these types of organizers to store lingerie, socks, kid’s wear etc. You can use it to organize HIjab as well.

These are the top three organization hacks for you to sort out your Hijab. Hope you have fun and are able to wear each one of this head accessory and look fab!

Posted in Islamic Wear By Dhruv Mehta

Latest Abaya Designs for Year 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016 9:48:21 AM Asia/Calcutta

It is the year 2016, technologically advanced, but ideal for traditional Abaya dresses. In case, you want to give yourself a traditional feel, and imbued in esoteric religiosity, search for the appealing and most extraordinary Abaya designs. These dresses are true mark of Islamic religion, and shows strong belief in the faith and supreme god Allah. Astutely designed, yet astonishingly suave and graceful, Abaya designs for the year 2016 are making waves among the women, especially those, who have the penchant for faith than craving to look like a hot damsel.

Abaya dresses or otherwise known as Jalabiyas or Kaftan are amazingly popular in the Muslim world, and in countries like Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Dubai, gulf, Saudi Arabia and several of the khaleej countries. It is not a stylish piece of cloth, but the tenet or association to Muhammad. However, with latest fashion trends, you can certainly find designer Abayas with a lot of different patterns and designs. Here are the few.

• This Year, Abaya with heavy laces and embroidery around the neckline are in fashion.
• Look for Abaya with matching Hijab / Scarves with some elegant brooches.
• For Fall Winter look, Abaya with capes and jackets are the best options. They look stylish and trendy/
• Latest collection of Abaya includes lots of different patterns in sleeves. A Net fabric sleeves with machine embroidery is hot this season.
• Use, Brooches with Abaya as an accessory. Say good bye to regular pins, add Brooches with pearls, diamonds and beads to your collection.

Dubai and UAE has launched uniquely different and remarkably spectacular Abaya designs for the year 2016, wherein several alterations have been made to the typical traditional style. The year 2016 is when you are going to find designer Abayas, beautifully ornate in appliqué, embroidery, motifs and the patches respectively. These Abaya dresses are the result of fabric manipulation art as well as flairs stitching, lending the appearance of pleated, frills and multi layer fabric trims. Mix of Linen and Rayon makes these pieces of dresses comfortable to wear.

The minimalist design of Abaya dresses quite obviously creates an astonishingly laidback look and much cooler tempo. Moreover, the long and hanging godets on the front and back reflects ultimate suaveness.

This is all about the latest trends of Abayas in year 2016. There are lots of new designs coming in and you can try them as per your preferences. Abaya is never a boring outfit, try and experiment with designs now.

Posted in Islamic Wear By Dhruv Mehta

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