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Your Wedding Trousseau Must Haves

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 2:45:03 PM Asia/Calcutta

Every nervous jittery bride has a thousand things occupying her mind before the d-day arrives and pre-wedding shopping is one of those pesky thoughts. Trousseau is a French word that gives many an Indian mother nightmares. Because the eternal question remains what should a wedding trousseau comprise of, for your convenience we are jotting down certain things without which a bride’s trousseau would be incomplete.

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Posted in Fashion By Dhruv Mehta

Wedding Shopping : Tips & Guidelines

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 11:07:12 AM Asia/Calcutta

Her presence dazzles, her looks mesmerize & the bridal saree completes her beautiful look. As soon as the bride enters the wedding hall, the spotlight turns to her and everyone gasps to catch a glimpse of the bride. It's every bride’s wish to look grand on her D-day. Bridal sarees are specifically embellished & designed for the larger than life look giving brides a royal look.

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Posted in Sarees By Dhruv Mehta

Indian Ethnic Gown for Friend’s Wedding: Yes or No?

Thursday, May 5, 2016 7:36:54 PM Asia/Calcutta

We all struggle to find the best ethnic wear for our friend’s wedding because of the Indian ethnic clothes evolving every day. And let’s admit it, girls have this huge problem with wearing what everyone else is also wearing. So, if it’s your friend’s wedding and you don’t want to end up wearing an anarkali or a Pakistani style suit, you should think about wearing an Indian ethnic style gown. This way you will not only look different but also give a style punch to your wardrobe.

A gown presents a perfect example of Indian and western sensibilities together and can give birth to such a unique and beautiful outfit and that so apt for your friend’s wedding. A gown will make you feel like a princess right out of a fairy tale book, hence, designer gowns will rule the charts in 2016. For those smashing evening soirees and cocktails, designer gowns are dependable apparel that can never go wrong.

While choosing the right kind of gown for yourself, keep a few things in mind:

• The gown you choose should represent your personality and suit your age.
• The color of the gown should match your skin tone.
• Lastly, you should be comfortable in what you are wearing because if you are not comfortable, it will be shown on your face and body language.

Types of Gowns That You Can Wear for Your Friend's Wedding

Net Gowns : Gowns made from Net Fabric are the most popular type of gowns these days. They come in a variety of patterns and designs. You will find gowns with machine embroidery sequence work, mirror work, diamonds studded over it and Stone work. As per your budget and color preferences you can choose the one.

A Line, Silk & Cotton Gowns : The trend is not widely popular yet, but people are loving to experiment with these trends. Recently, many celebrities spotted wearing Banarasi Silk Gowns, Kanjivaram Silk Gowns, Patola Gowns, Silk & Khadi Gowns with heavy embroidery and mirror work.

Indo-Western Gowns : Indo-Western gowns are getting popular quickly. They come in a variety of fabrics and come in many styles. The indo-western gowns with long tail, off shoulder gowns and gowns with capes are getting popular these days.

Western Evening Gowns : If the wedding does not include a lot of Indian Wedding Rituals and if it is a evening wedding, this option is a good choice.

Posted in Gowns By Dhruv Mehta

What to wear on Your Wedding Day? Saree or Lehenga

Monday, July 6, 2015 11:22:54 AM Asia/Calcutta

Every girl from her childhood dreams about her big day, when she will be looking like a princess. When everyone around us will be watching her and praise her for her wedding day charm, dress, Mehendi, Jewelry, her smile, her makeup etc. To make it reality, these days bride chooses her outfit very carefully such that her wedding outfit enhance her beauty. She must look her best on that day. The major question for brides to be is what to wear on wedding day? A Saree or a Lehenga. From ages, it is a tradition to wear a Saree on wedding day but with time changes, nowadays girls even like to wear Lehenga on Wedding.

In this post we are talking about the same. What to wear on Wedding, A Saree or a Lehenga?

A Saree on a Wedding Day:

Nothing can beat the glory of Saree. It is true that no woman can look bad in a Saree. Whether you are an Indian or you are from different country. Whether you are tall or short, fat or slim, Saree is the versatile attire which suits every body type. In most part of India, it is tradition to wear Saree on wedding day. However, each part of India has its own traditions for the type of Saree to wear on wedding day. In Gujarat, a girl would wear Red and White Saree on wedding day, which is called “Paneter”. In Kerala, Girl wears White Saree with Golden boarder on a wedding day. Similarly from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Rajasthan to Sikkim, there are different types of Sarees for the bride on her wedding.

Why you should wear Saree?

  •     On your biggest day of life, Saree would definitely make you feel special and you would surely look like a queen.
  •     Being one of the most versatile attire, it suits all body type and matches perfectly with wedding jewelery, Mehendi and other wedding ornaments.
  •     With Saree, you will definitely get the feel of your own wedding being you as a center attraction and all eyes towards you discussing the pretty bride of the day.
  •     Think about your post wedding days. If you are not going to wear Saree in coming days, it is good option to wear Saree on your wedding days, you would cherish the memories lifetime.
  •     You can wear your wedding Saree later as well, on your friend’s wedding or your close family member’s wedding.

 A Lehenga on your wedding day:

Lehenga is definitely an age old attire which is been worn in every corner of India. Though there are less chances that you will wear the same heavy Lehenga in future on someone else’s wedding. So reusability is the concern when it comes to Lehenga. Though, it looks rich, modern and elegant on Wedding day.

Why you should wear Lehenga?

  •     If you planning a theme wedding and you want to match your wedding attire with your groom, you will get more options with Lehenga than saree.
  •     For modern wedding, with fewer rituals people choose Lehenga over Saree.
  •     For hour glass body type, Lehenga is the best choice.
  •     For heavy jewelry, Lehenga is a better option as you can easily find heavy jewelry matching your Lehenga.

So on the basis of above points you can decide your wedding outfit. To buy designer Wedding Saree and gorgeous Wedding Lehenga, try YourDesignerWear.com

Posted in Sarees By Dhruv Mehta

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