10 Latest Designer Kurti Trends for 2022

10 Latest Designer Kurti Trends for 2022

One ethnic wear that you will always find in every woman’s wardrobe is the Kurti. It is the upgraded version of the traditional kurta but has gained popularity because it combines ethnic and modern values.

It, therefore, has become everyday wear and can be beautifully combined with pants, palazzos, skirts, etc., for a different look according to the occasion.

At YourDesignerWear, you will find Designer Kurtis in all types of fabrics with a range of designs that would leave you spellbound. From sequins to checks, stripes, embroidered, you deserve the best of designs. The year 2022 is around the corner, and this is the time you should start shopping if you love dressing up. Fashion enthusiastic women are always a step ahead and prepare in advance.

Here are some latest and newest Kurti trends that every lady should own.

1) Floral Print is Right Back

Trends come and fade away, but floral prints are there to stay. This trend was born back in the era of 1900s. Since then, there have been changes from bold, big floral patterns to delicate, tiny flowers embroideries; you will find all these designs stunning. These give you a feminine feel. You can choose and pick from a range of beautiful bright or lighter shades depending on the occasion you wish to wear them.

You can buy a floral print according to your silhouette. If you wish to look slim, small prints are for you. Big floral prints are for slender women since they tend to highlight the upper part of the body. Flaunt your amazing silhouette and look playful whenever you wear them. Just pair it up with an appropriate bottom, and you are all set to go!

2) Reintroduction of Stripes Fashion

Stripes are returning to the fashion trend this year, and you definitely should own one. A striped Kurti gives a smarter, taller look and is chic. So, if you want to upgrade your formal wardrobe, you should pair the Kurti with pants or ankle-length tights.

Enhance this particular look with minimal jewellery and heels. Also, opt for a high hairstyle and stay comfortable while at work. You would look slimmer in this look, so expect some amazing compliments whenever you wear this outfit.

You can also try our Indo-western outfit collection styled with traditional Indian fabrics, western patterns, and best weaving.

3) Chikankari Kurti - Rebirth of Ancient Embroidery Style

Originating from the city of Nawabs-Lucknow, this is a style that stands out for its royalty. Even though it is decades old, you will love the embroidery intricacy, making you feel elegant and stylish. You can select from beautiful shades with delicate flower designs. If you are looking for festive wear, you should pair the Kurti with a beautiful lehenga or skirt along with an embroidered jutti.

Women love chikan as summer wear since these are super comfortable. So, if you are a person who likes and better prefers comfort over anything, these Kurtis are for you. As office wear, wear a pant with the Kurti, and there you go. Chikan Kurtis looks amazing with jeans if you are going on a get-together with friends.

4) Bright Colours and Vibrant Kurtis are Back

Yellows, greens, neons, tangerines and ice blue are all in this year. If you are a girl who loves looking vivid and vibrant, this fashion season is for you. Just start browsing through all the colour options and select the classiest looks in just a few clicks.

The best thing is to get these colours in all possible fabrics, from cotton to georgette, chiffon, silk, etc. You can complement the look with your traditional gold jewellery if you are attending a wedding ceremony.

5) Designer Kurtis with Smart Shirt Style

Bored of the straight Kurti patterns? The shirt style Kurti is for you. These are a must-have formal look for office wear. A combined style of Kurti and shirt, the buttons run down with a neck collar.

So, you get the best of both the patterns. Sophistication with comfort is the real definition. When you browse through the options, you will find different lengths of Kurtis, so you can choose one according to the bottom you wish to pair it with.

If you want to wear Kurtis with pants, you can go for shorter patterns; and if you wear it with leggings, the longer ones are a better option. You can always mix and match the look because the designs online are modern and make a perfect deal.

Also, if you can attire palazzo pants with a longer kurta, why not swap with leggings and palazzo? So, next time you choose to wear a cultural outfit, opt for a designer palazzo pants instead.

6) Highly Fashionable Jacket Kurtis

Jacket Kurtis are amazing choices for festivals. These patterns are a blend of contemporary and ethnic traditional look. The jackets are designed beautifully with embroideries and prints. Moreover, the cuts amazingly enhance your silhouette. Therefore, you get the designer look without spending a fortune. The best part of buying these Kurtis is that you don’t need heavy jewellery to wear.

A simple, delicate necklace or simple pendant will do wonders. So, if this is your next party outfit, you will surely look stunning and comfortable. Become a trendsetter in your group by shopping for the pieces now and enjoy the attention as well as appreciation. Work hard, and party harder is for you.

7) Floor Length Maxi Type Kurti

Floor-length maxi type Kurti, wondering how it would look? Don’t worry at all; as you are going to adore this designer dress. If you love comfortable, breezy outfits, this one is for you. A Floor-touching Kurti paired with high heels would be an amazing choice.

Just adorn basic earrings and look stunning. You can choose from prints, embroidery, cutwork or embellished Kurtis. It is perfect summer wear because of the flowy pattern and comfort. Start preparing for the summers now, since you will get the best options without any hassles.  

8) Stylish Embellished Kurtis

If you are hunting for embellished designer outfits, check out the stunning Kurtis. The stylish pieces will make you go crazy, and you will have a tough time selecting one perfect look. Embellished dresses are essential if you have a friend’s or relative’s marriage on cards. These Kurtis are ideal ethnic wear and thus strikingly beautiful.

Good quality embellished Kurti would make people go awestruck since they are shiny yet elegant. All you need is a designer purse or clutch to complete the look. Just browse through the designs and then choose an accessory, all under one roof.

9) Embroidered Kurtis with Smart Thread work

Embroidery and thread work are evergreen fashion trends, and they are there to stay in 2022. If you love intricate embroidery, you understand the fashion trends. When you shop from a good brand online, you find unique designs from all parts of the country.

India has one of the finest artisans and weavers; hence you will find beautiful work with many fabric options. Cotton and georgette Kurtis are most loved since you can wear them in all seasons, and if you wish to have a traditional look, select from silk embroidered Kurtis.

 10) Monochrome Kurti Designs

Monochrome will be an amazing fashion trend in 2022. If you love shades of white, black, grey, or cream, you will find some incredible options. Monochrome is also known to be single coloured Kurti and bottoms.

So, you get an opportunity to wear your favourite colour top to bottom. You can either go for plain Kurtis paired with leggings or find a designer one. The choice is all yours since you already know what you are looking for.

So, this is all you requisite to know if you are a fashion enthusiast. You want to upgrade your attire; you can select the best outfits with no effort. Shopping online is always a great option since you get the best options on one platform. You can browse through options according to fabric, work and budget. You get the best deals and can be sure of buying the best pieces at very reasonable prices.

When you shop with YourDesignerWear, you get many benefits at the same time. One thing you are assured of is good quality fabric and the best designs. We offer outfits in different sizes, so you should check the fitting details before placing the order.

In case you need customization and stitching services, you can avail of our services at nominal prices. In addition, the pieces are offered to customers according to the latest trends. So, you will get outfits that are going to top the fashion charts in the coming seasons. You get what you view on our web portal. 

Key Takeaways

And that’s not all. You can buy accessories like clutches, footwear, stoles, and jewellery. So, we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs. We ship worldwide, so you get all your stuff, no matter where you reside.

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