Elegant and Stylish Approaches To Wear A Saree In Winters!

Elegant and Stylish Approaches To Wear A Saree In Winters!

Are you someone who loves to wear sarees? But are you worried that the chilly winter might deter you from opting for the six-yard wonder? Don't you worry!

A little twist to the saree-draping style will keep you warm and make you stand out from the crowd. The wedding season is in full swing; however, the winter is not ready to go. It is the primary reason we have got a list of all the smart, stylish and elegant ways to wrap your favourite saree in winters.

How To Style Your Saree In Winter Season?

Be it an office party or casual outfit - a saree is one such apparel that suits every scenario. For some, a saree might not be a comfortable option in the winters.

But worry not, we have figured out a few ways to make the saree an excellent option for all seasons. Check out the following practical and stylish ideas to drape a saree this winter.

  • Using fitted sweaters or turtlenecks instead of blouses will make you look chic and keep you warm. It is a stylish yet practical way to style a saree in the winter season. 
  • Make a statement look by pairing a faux fur or velvet jacket with a beautiful saree. It is an effortless way to look stylish for a cocktail party. 
  • You must style your six-yard wonder with a nice and elegant cardigan or blazer for a crisp and professional look. You can style your pallu either above or below the blazer to look sophisticated yet fashionable.
  • Pairing your saree with a shawl, cape or silk dupatta works as a game-changer. It is one of the classic ways to upgrade your saree for the winter season. You can use an elegant shawl or silk dupatta as a second pallu with the six-yard wonder. 
  • If you don't want to pair anything with your saree, you can simply opt for a Banarasi Silk saree, a brocade saree or a velvet saree. These thick fabric sarees come in rich colour and intricate detailing, making them a classic in your wardrobe. One can never go off beam with these. 
  • For a casual and edgy look, one can opt for a basic denim jacket or a nice leather jacket. Experiment with your casual meet up sarees with a denim jacket or give an edgy look with a standard leather covering. 
  • Another stunning option for blouses in winters can be silk shirts or short kurtas. These are an absolutely astounding alternative to a regular blouse. It completely changes your look in an instant.

No matter what style you choose to dress your saree for winter, don't forget to accessorise it accordingly. Any style would look incomplete without proper use of accessories, including bags, jewellery pieces and women footwear.

What Can All Jackets One Choose To Wear With Designer Sarees In Winters?

  • Long Coats 

If you have long coats that match your saree, then don't even give a second thought to it. It is one of the easiest and most practical ways to style your saree for a formal meet in winter. If not the same colour, you can also choose a contrasting-coloured coat to shine through.

  • Velvet Blazer or Jacket

Another great way is pairing your saree with a velvet blazer or jacket. It is a great idea to enjoy any event on cold winter nights. It makes you look exceptionally stunning and warm. It is one of the biggest trends you need to get accustomed to this season.

  • Leather Jacket

For a more edgy look, you can opt for a leather jacket and a saree. It is the most modish, comfortable and easy to put together, a way to look stunning in six-yard fabric during winters. It will make you stand out from the crowd and leave your shine behind.

  • An Embellished Jacket 

If you want to look glamourous and want to stay cosy in sarees during winters, you can opt for a long-embellished jacket. You can either leave the coat hanging or use a belt to tie the front of the blazer together to make it look put together. It is an effortless style that gives a vibe that you worked a lot to put this look on the spot.

  • A Classic Denim Jacket

For creating a comfortable and incredibly innovative look, you can pair your saree with a nice classic denim jacket. It is ideal for young women for wearing at events in your university or maybe for a casual dinner party. Just like a leather jacket, it will help you make your mark in the crowd. 

You don't have to follow the basic notions of wearing a saree for all the young women out there. Take a foot forward and style it in any way you want to. Don't hesitate to get cosy and comfortable in a saree during winter if you like any of the above ways. Give it a try and slay!

What Are Readymade Saree Blouse Options To Look Elegant?

Getting a blouse stitched these days might feel overwhelming, as not every woman can spare some time out from their busy schedule. There is no better option in a busy life than opting for readymade blouses. There is a subtle range of readymade blouses available in the market. Here is the list of the top four readymade blouse designs that give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your look in winter. 

  • Velvet Ready-Made Blouse. 

You can never go wrong with a velvet blouse. These are clothing pieces that at no time go out of style. Thus, invest in a quality blouse to pair it up with several sarees during winter. 

  • Jacket-Styled Blouse

It is yet another great way to look absolutely astounding in a saree during winters. This option is practical and quite stylish to look modish in the six-yard designer fabric in the coming wedding season during winters. 

  • Readymade Silk Blouse

Silk is a timeless fabric that adds warmth to your body and makes you look elegant and stylish. You can opt for the same solid coloured or contrasting coloured blouse for your printed silk saree. You can find plenty of designs in silk blouses easily in the market or online stores.

  • Brocade Blouse 

You usually get a blouse attachment with your brocade saree, but don't worry if you may not have time to get it stitched. There is a wide range of stitched brocade blouses available in the market. Pick out the one that matches the most with your saree and become a head-turner in every event you wear it.

  • High Neck Sweater Blouse

For a chic and stylish look these winters, you must opt for turtle neck sweater blouses. It is an ultimate option to keep yourself warm while slaying in a saree during any winter occasion. Of course, it might look non-traditional, but why you must care about the traditional way of wearing a saree if you can keep yourself cosy this way!

Basic Styling Tips & Tricks To Wear Saree In Winter – 

  • Create proper silhouettes by pairing your saree with a short jacket. 
  • Use a floor-length kaftan to style your lehenga saree in winters.
  • Stick out your pallu while pairing the saree with a long jacket. 
  • Use your leftover pallu to wear as a scarf on your neck. 
  • Select the right jewellery to pair with your saree to give a complete look to the ensemble. 
  • Add a belt to style your saree. You can tie the blazer or the overcoat with a same-coloured embellished belt to look stylish. 
  • Elevate your saree style by pairing it with a jacket blouse. It will add grace to your saree while keeping it simple and classic. 
  • Make sure to choose the right pair of footwear with your saree to avoid a disastrous look. 
  • Also, don't overdo the jewellery thing. It might take away the grace and elegance of your look. 
  • Experiment with the styles that accentuate your body type. 
  • Lastly, choose the saree according to the occasion. Also, styling it according to the occasion and time would make you stand out from the crowd positively!

Key Takeaways

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Frequently Asked Questions – 

Q1) What are the trending Indo-Western approaches to drape sarees in winters?

Answer 1: There are many trending ways to add an indo-western approach to your saree. One classic way is to wear the pallu like a scarf. Another great way is by pairing it with a stylish covering like a leather jacket, fur coat, denim jacket, etc. 

Q2) Can I wear stylish silk sarees in the winter season?

Answer 2: Yes, it is perfect for embracing yourself with a silk saree in winter. It can add a classic taste to your style on every occasion, which happens to be on winter nights. 

Q3) Can a designer georgette saree be worn in the winter season?

Answer 3: No matter the season, you can wear a Georgette saree in any season, including winter. However, one must ensure that the material of the blouse is heavy and embroidered so that you don't feel cold.

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