Latest and Newest Saree Trends That Will Impact 2022

Latest and Newest Saree Trends That Will Impact 2022

This year has been a year of new beginnings, while some follow the same old routine. One such niche is fashion, where there is always some space for innovation. The niche aims to recreate some things which the women of Indian society mainly desire.

Sarees are genuinely known as the antique wealth, and old is gold, which is proved here. From the past few years to the last year, 2021, there have been many changes to the six-yard clothes that maximize the grace and elegance of all materials. 

Several saree trends are being added to the fashion industry with each passing year. The millennials do not love flaunting a saree and think it is a perfect addition to their closet for events to come. So, if you want to try something new this year while making the most of your fashion sense, then scroll down and find the right choice of Designer Sarees for all your events. 

8 Saree Trends That Will Rule 2022

  • Floral Embroidery Sarees

The Floral Embroidery Sarees are here to stay when it comes to the latest style trends. They are indeed a masterpiece and make a great alternative to your typical saree drape. These floral designs work perfectly on all fabric types. If you want to look attractive and keep the heat even, then chiffon or satin sarees make your best bet.

However, you can try some floral blouses with plain sarees if you think floral embroidery saree is way too much for your style. Being a true saree lover, you must have a black or grey simple saree which you can pair with any floral blouse and flaunt on a casual dinner date. 

  • Organza Style Sarees

if you want to make a style statement for any event, then organza saree is your best bet. It has been created with a lot of dedication and creativity. Even though it has been used for years now, the organza sarees have just levelled up with each year. Be it brides or bridesmaids, and the organza style sarees are here to leave a significant impact on wedding fashion. Often you can find organza saree featuring a fabulous floral work that gives you an affluent look.

Both the traditional and the elite can wear the organza style. The plain cloth weave has a world of supreme subtlety and luxury behind its creation. Once upon a time, wearing Indian sarees was no less than a challenge, especially the bridal wear, but now it has shed its weight to assume a more lightweight and comfortable avatar. Designers are playing a huge role play with fabrics offering people light sarees that they can flaunt on any day. If you are looking for lightweight sarees, you don't need to look any further as the organza saree has your back. 

  • Pastel Silk Sarees

No matter how much the fashion industry evolves, the old habits are here to stay. Silk sarees have been nothing less than a delight as it is an evergreen saree trend that both young and old can flaunt, aka it suits all age groups. You can appreciate your body as the silky-smooth touch goes a long way, and of course, you will love your curves more. The saree is perfect for all skin tones and body types.

For years now, the Designer and Stylish Silk Sarees have been a mixture of pure silk and chiffon. The only difference in the silk saree now is their colour palette. Pastels are one of the most beautiful wonders integrated into the fashion industry. Ideally, the pastel hues include soft, light hues of all primary colours. These colours were a big-time hit in the wedding collection back in 2020 and the brides today are more obsessed with the pastel shades than ever before. Soothing pastels are your go-to option if you are bored with the bold reds and greens. 

It is high them we start thinking beyond the usual red! Even though red is one of the brightest hues, brides are no longer willing to flaunt red lehengas or sarees on their big day. Even though pinks are pretty famous, pastels have become the go-to option, especially for brides. 

  • Ombre Style Sarees

Several ombre style sarees are available out there that feature different works like lace and zari craved on them. These sarees add a decorative element to your closet. No doubt, ombre sarees are more prominent among the younger generation, but all love them, and the best of all is that they are available in different designs and patterns. 

  • Stylish Net Sarees 

Net sarees are similar to sequin sarees, but they do hold some charm to make everyone their fan. The versatile sarees are available in wide ranges and designs, and the collection is here to add a modern touch to your saree.

The Net Sarees are nothing less than a rocking outfit that makes you rock the cocktail party. You can uplift the whole look by pairing the saree with different fabric combinations. 

  • Bollywood Sarees

The sequin sarees, also prominently known as the Bollywood Sarees, are undoubtedly a comeback in the saree era. Most people love wearing clothes inspired by their favourite stars, and they admire even the tiniest fashion detail. Sequin sarees indeed hold a unique space in the Bollywood world, and the divas there have already made it as a pacesetter.

We can see sequins everywhere, from gowns to sarees and yet again, this year; we are going to see a lot of sequins. Usually, sequin sarees are solid coloured or even a fusion of two colours with incredibly petite borders. You can easily pair the sequin sarees with embroidered or printed blouses and look no less than a diva. 

One of the main reasons to add sequin sarees to your collection is that it doesn't need much effort to look attractive. You need minimal accessories to flaunt the look. Sequin sarees are your go-to outfit, and they perfectly fall under the category of less is more. You will degrade the saree if you choose to go overboard with your accessories because these sarees have their own exclusiveness that needs no introduction. The thumb rule for make is to go as minimal as possible if you want to add some glam to the look, you can surely add some nude style lipstick with some smoky eyes. 

  • Lehenga Style Sarees

Ideally, lehenga sarees are the latest fads in the industry, and the only reason they are popular is that they are a perfect blend of two popular Indian ethnic ensembles. Therefore, the Indian designers have designed lehenga-style sarees giving the saree silhouette at the upper part and lehenga at the end. You would agree that it is challenging to manage the conventional Indian saree. Still, lehenga sarees are the complete opposite as they are pretty comfortable with no pleat design. 

The best part about having a lehenga saree in your wardrobe is that it gives you a sassy look yet optimum comfort. Several lehenga-style sarees are available, featuring thread work, zari, zardozi, stonework saree, sequins, etc. Lehenga sarees are not only loved by girls but also modern women. All you need to do is zip it in the skirt, and you are good to go. There is no stress of pleats getting stuck under your heels. The stellar saree is your best buy if you want to steal the show. 

  • Handwork Sarees 

One trend that is here to stay for years to come is handwork. These sarees look both classy yet chic. You can choose from any embroidery you love, from zardozi to zari; you have plenty of options. A handwork saree is a staple in every Indian woman's closet.

These sarees are your go-to option when you wish to look graceful without drawing all the attention to you. If you are looking for a comfortable outing, you should look for a chiffon handwork saree, while for festive occasions, you can choose silk handwork sarees. You can choose from several offbeat hues, including beige and silver, besides pastel hues. Explore a whole new world of handwork sarees woven to perfection by the amazing artisans of the country.

Key Takeaways

If you are in the mood to buy the latest designer sarees, you can head to YourDesignerWear and get your favourite saree. A saree is way more than just a piece of garment as it is an emblem of Indian culture and history. It is one of the most versatile ensembles that have been worn for years now, and with each passing year, it becomes more prominent and trendier.

You can carry your saree quite confidentially when you stay abreast with the latest saree trends. The fashion trends come and go, but the love and essence for sarees remain the same. You can check the trends here and look for sarees that align the best with your taste. 

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