Newest Saree Styling Tips and Recommendation For 2021

Newest Saree Styling Tips and Recommendation For 2021

Indian women have been wearing sarees for an era now. It is like the national attire of Indian women. Every Indian woman has worn a saree once in her lifetime. However, a saree is more than just a piece of cloth. It is the most special thing passed through the generation in Indian families.

Sarees brings out the emotions and feelings that connect women to specific events in her life. Therefore, a saree is a very special outfit for women across the world.

At YourDesignerWear, we aim to provide you beautiful designer sarees that maintain your style statement and holds on to your unique fashion. A saree itself speaks for its beauty; however, some styling tips can make it look all the more stunning.

Here is a list of some amazing tips and suggestions from our end which can make your attire even more attractive.  

Draping Styles That You Would Want to Try Out

There are many draping styles which got popular in recent years. These styles include the following :

  • Dhoti Fashion : The next time you have to attend a wedding, try this unique style for draping your saree. All you have to do is precisely swap your petticoat with a legging. Then, you have to wear your saree in a dhoti fashion and style the Pallu as usual. You can try this look with contemporary sarees.
  • Style of Neck Drape : It is as simple as wrapping the pallu over your neck like a scarf. To accomplish this look, you will have to keep your Pallu's length longer. You may also try out as many other scarf styles as you want. You can try out this look with a striking crepe saree.
  • Mermaid Style : The lowest half of the pleats is fanned out in this form of draping, like a mermaid's tail. The drape may appear to be time-consuming. However, it just needs a few more tucks and pleats. You can try this style with chiffon sarees.
  • The Pant Style : It is simple, comfy, practical, and stylish. It can give a perfect look for the next wedding you have to attend. You could try this style with both the plain and the stylish printed sarees.
  • Gujarati Style : Most Gujarati women traditionally wear their own drape style, although this style is a popular choice for many women. This has been the most picked on choice for bridal sarees with either a short or long Pallu.
  • The Lehenga Style : What if you wish to wear your saree as a lehenga instead ? You can try Lehenga Style Sarees. If you have a lehenga, you can even try a simple drape of single pleats over your waistline and take the Pallu either the regular way or the traditional Gujarati style.

You can easily buy all these types and categories of sarees from our website at YourDesignerWear. Explore our exclusive and unique designer sarees collection right now!

How to Choose the Right Saree Fabric ?

While selecting a designer or plain saree, choosing the right fabric often comes as a challenge. Here are some recommendations for choosing the precise saree fabrics. Fabrics like silk, velvet, raw silk, pashmina, play an important role in defining your look.

  • Cotton Saree Fabric for the summer : Cotton is the best option when it comes to comfort. This saree fabric is so adaptable that you can either wear it daily or even for special occasions. You can wear cotton sarees, especially in the summer season. You can check our collection of the latest cotton sarees and get the newest cotton sarees from our website.  
  • Silk for Weddings :  Luxurious Pure Silk Sarees are the best pick to wear at weddings. Silk gives you a rich and a regal feel. Furthermore, silk sarees are the go-to outfit for weddings and celebrations for women; we're sure you agree! You can choose one from our range of extensive kanchipuram sarees.
  • Net Sarees Fabric for Elegance : With the sheer style dominating the runways throughout the world, net sarees have been one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years. These sarees are embellished with intricate decorations, needlework, or patterns, making them ideal for formal occasions such as cocktail parties and wedding receptions. You can also choose beautiful net sarees from the Net Sarees 2021 Collection of YourDesignerWear.  

How to Pick the Right Saree Shade and Colour for Different Events ?

Picking up the right colors and shades for sarees is an important decision one has to take while choosing a saree. Additionally, you can coordinate your saree with a contrasting blouse. Here are some of the recommendations for you.

  • Morning Events : If you're going to a morning function, wear lacy embroidered sarees in light colors. Green, pale yellow, cream, and peach are some of the colors to consider. Stay away from the dark colors to prevent seeming overdressed. 
  • Evening Parties : If the function is held in the evening, you can prefer to wear moderate colors. For example, you can wear blues, silvers, or off-white color sarees in the evening. In addition, you go for the latest georgette sarees to rock the evening functions.
  • Night Parties : If you are attending functions or Weddings in the night, you can wear maroon, teal green, navy blue, or other colors that have a darker tone. You can also wear Awesome Party Wear Sarees at night for a cocktail party.  

Little Things to Elevate Your Look with Beautiful Sarees

While wearing a saree, you can evaluate your look by adding little but smart accessories. This would just like adding cheery to the cake. Things such as Belt, Footwear, and Makeup can beautify your look in Sarees. 

  • Add a Belt to your Saree : A metallic belt can be your safe and go-to outfit for parties! You might choose a golden, bronze, or silver metallic belt to give your saree some form while still looking stylish. 
  • You may even go without jewelry because the metallic belt is such a show-stopper that you won’t need anything else. This would give a Western look to your attire. Try this with our latest handloom sarees.
  • Wear a Shirt Instead of a Saree Blouse : Adding up shirts with your sarees instead of a blouse can give you a chic look. This Indo-western fusion looks fabulous. You can try this style with embroidered sarees.
  • Try Saree and Jacket : Not only is it convenient to put a jacket over your saree during a winter wedding, but you may also do it for a fashionable saree style.
  • When it comes to selecting jackets for your saree, there are no rules. Over your sari, a well-cut blazer or a cropped denim jacket will still look great.
  • Attempt Saree and Heels : If you're going to wear a saree, the heels you pick is determined by several elements, including the occasion and the sort of sari you'll be wearing.
  • For example, you might want to pick a pair of glittery stilettos with a shimmery saree for the evenings. On the contrary, you can choose to wear block heel sandals for daytime functions, where you wear light chiffon sarees. Women adore wearing saris with stilettos. Sushmita Sen, Sonam Kapoor, and even Paris Hilton are spotted wearing sarees with stiletto heels. 

A Note on Saree Styling

Elegance with comfort is the ultimate mantra for styling. It is the truth! There are many amazing ways to styling your Saree, but we recommend you choose the style that offers you a sense of ease and feels hassle-free.

Doing you gives happiness and confidence while you dress up with a gorgeous outfit like a saree. It will signify your outer and inner beauty.

You can prefer the above tips for your reference while styling a saree. However, you can carve out your unique style for styling Sarees in your own way. Moreover, you can consider many things while styling the Saree, such as occasion, accessory, footwear, draping style etc.

You can also add up things few things to elevate your look. We hope these things will help you the next time you have to step out in a saree. Thus, be creative and explore different styles for your saree. The manner in which you drape your saree talks a great deal about you.

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Moving Forward

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