Significant Tips to Dress Your Kids in Ethnic Wear

Significant Tips to Dress Your Kids in Ethnic Wear

When it comes to choosing a perfect outfit for your little one, a parent needs to have extra patience. It is one very time-consuming and extra attention-seeking task. There are several characteristics, elements and factors to keep in mind; however, comfort is something that tops the list.

Parents must never comprise with the fabric as it defines whether the outfit would be comfortable or not. There are many styles and options to dress up your kid; however, ethnic wear is something that never goes out of trend for occasions like festivals and weddings.

You can be creative while mix-matching the latest trends with the more traditional ones to give your star Indo-western appearance.

Let's get into the article and learn many more important tips to style in your baby in ethnic wear:

Designer Kurta Styles for Your Little One

Wearing a simple kurta can look adorable, but why simply dress your child if there are innumerable styles to choose from. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that you simply go overboard in dressing your kid.

On the contrary, one of the most appropriate ways to dress your child is to blend traditional outfits with a contemporary piece of clothing. Here are a few ways to dress up your child appropriately in a kurta.

  • Kurta with a Jacket and Pant - If you want to give a little twist to the kurta that your child already has, you can pair it with a jacket. It can be any jacket, but mostly Nehru jacket looks stunning with a kurta and a pair of pants.

Jackets have the feature that can make any outfit exciting and unique in terms of style and appearance. If you have a light colour-toned kurta, pair it with a vibrant jacket and vice versa. You can also use a brooch or pocket square to enhance the look. 

  • Kurta with a Dhoti Pant - Dhoti kurtas for little ones are indeed the most adorable traditional piece of clothing for your baby boy. It is best to make your child wear this most excellent and most charming Indian attire for any traditional occasion.

Your little kid would definitely look incredibly endearing in the ethnic outfit. This ethnic wear is surely a must-have for your little one to dress for festive occasions, weddings, and other marriage functions.

  • Dupatta with Kurta - Sometimes dressing your child in just a kurta might look very plain and modest. You can solve this minute by adding a shimmery dupatta to it. It will not only dress up your baby's kurta but will also give it a traditional touch to the kurta.

The combination of kurta, pyjama, and a dupatta might look straightforward, but it is way too much trendy today. You can also play with the colours and texture of the dupatta - it will give your baby boy a glamorous look. 

Diverse Occasions to Wear Ethnic Kurtas

We mostly tend to dress our children in casual wear. However, dressing your kid in casual wear is not appropriate for some occasions. These special occasions require special traditional or ethnic dress up.

Dressing your baby in traditional attire might look like a huge task, but with easy-going kurtas, this problem can be solved easily. But before that, let's pay attention to some of the occasions that are most suited for styling your child in ethnics.

  • Weddings - Be it the wedding day or any other ceremony, and you can make your child rock in a fuss-free and pleasant ethnic outfit.

Your young kids would look extremely adorable in kurtas and other trendy traditional garments. These outfits are skin-friendly, comfortable, easy to maintain and handle.

  • Festivals - You can choose to dress them in casual wear, but nothing would match the festival occasion better than a traditional outfit.

So, make them look different from the regular days by styling them in comfortable, vibrant, and fancy traditional ensembles. One of the most basic ones is kurta and pyjama. 

  • Anniversary Party - Anniversary parties are quite personal and low-key, which involves less dressing up. However, it is another best event to dress your kids appropriately in traditional garments.

You can choose to dress your kids in total balance with basic kurtas, pyjamas, and a jacket. It is one of the most balanced ways to make your baby fashionable. 

Some of The Popular Categories of Ethnic Kurtas

Kurtas are a standard outfit for dressing your child; however, there are plenty of varieties in it. These varieties are divided based on styles, cuts, and styling combos. However, the selection of the ethnic kurtas must be based on the occasion, season, and time of the event. Here is the list of the popular ethnic kurtas for kids that you can find in the market.

  • Pathani Kurta - Pathani kurta is a perfect outfit for dressing up your child at any wedding ceremony. It is a very trendy and elegant piece of clothing. Now a question might arise in your mind about what Pathani suits are. 

Pathani suits are one of the most decent clothing outfits. They come with a stylish kurta having a stand collar and pockets. The kurta is usually worn with a salwar or dhoti to balance the traditional and less formal look. The best thing about Pathani kurtas is that they are available in plenty of designs and colours. 

When you buy Pathani kurtas, you will notice that every manufacturer adds their personal touch and fantastic creativity to it. This makes sure that you have many options to choose from for your child. The Pathani suits look wonderful on children as they are colourful and different from simple kurtas.

The same Pathani kurtas can also be paired with a Nehru jacket to show a whole new outfit. This outfit is available in the market at a different price range because of its work or the designer's name.

  • Sherwani Kurta - Kurtas are not the only dress that comes under the category of traditional attire. Currently, sherwanis are taking up the industry. All the small merchants and big designers are making Sherwanis for young ones and adults for every occasion.

Ethnic wears have many intricate designs such as pearls, Zari, embellishments, and sequins - you must choose that pleases you and your child. These intricate designs offer elegance and class to each sherwani available in the market.

When you shop for the sherwanis for your child, here are few aspects that you must keep in mind. The fabric of the sherwani must be soft for your child's comfort. Second, go for something that makes your child look adorable and royal.

Finally, go for vibrant colours for your baby boy, as it will make you look handsome on the event day. Pakistani sherwanis are pretty popular; they will instantly dress up your child most exclusively and stylishly at events like weddings, festivals, receptions, and many more. 

If you are looking to buy adorable sherwanis for your young ones, then Your Designer Wear is the platform for you. We have a wonderful collection of attires for you and your young ones. You will get plenty of colours and a wide variety of traditional attires under one roof. So, have a look at our exclusive and unique collection when choosing the sherwani that fits your little one in a fantastic way. 

  • Shirt Kurta and Pyjama

Children look admirable in traditional clothes. One of the most famous traditional outfits is kurta and pyjama, especially shirt kurta and pyjama. It is popular among the kids for formal occasions such as anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, and festivals. It is a trend that is derived from men's kurta pyjamas. 

It is perfect for day occasions in summers as they are comfortable and are not very traditional in look. These shirt kurtas look adorable with pyjamas and trendy ethnic vest courts. These shirt kurtas are available in almost every colour, print, and material. However, it is best to opt for patterns like stripes, florals, and other small prints. Also, it is best to avoid dark colours as these kurtas look sophisticated in bright and light tones.  

Shirt kurtas entirely resemble long shirts that are stretched up to the knees. Trousers wore under the kurtas are fitted and is tied at the waist. If you want to make your child dress in an Indo-western outfit, you must style this kurta right with a pair of precise jeans and a waist court or Nehru jacket. 

If you like this trend and want your child to dress up in it, then you must check out the collection at YourDesignerWear. We have shirt kurtas in almost every colour and fabric, so visit us and buy as your child, please! 

Key Takeaways

Shopping for kids can be tricky. But with stores like YourDesignerWear, it has become a lot less problematic and a much more enjoyable task. Make your child a trendsetter at the party or the event. It doesn't matter which outfit you pick; all of them are made with skin-friendly fabric.

Whatever the weather is, your child would always be comfortable in our clothes. It is not vital to follow the trends as you can use your creativity to mix and match styles you like on YourDesignerWear. So, make your child feel like a fashionista with our designer and ethnic outfits as well as your creativity. Shop with us today!