Style Recommendations for Men in Indian Ethnic Wear for Different Occasions

Style Recommendations for Men in Indian Ethnic Wear for Different Occasions

Indian Ethnic Wear is always something that speaks of uniqueness and royalty. Irrespective of an individual's body type, there is a pair for everyone. We agree that it is way too easier to choose from a variety of clothing options for women, but it gets tricky when it comes to men’s fashion and apparel. However, even men are ready to flaunt their outfits in this era and go out to embrace the newest fashion trends.

In this blog, we shall discuss the style recommendations for men so that they can slay throughout the year in style. Without any additional delay, let us get started -

Men Ethnic Wear for Wedding Parties

Weddings can be too hectic for men, and it is only fair if you allow them to dress the way they want. We have come up with so many stylish new options for men to wear this wedding season and get a chance to show their style game too.

  • Ethnic Sherwanis

The Ethnic Sherwanis are the oldest garment and the symbol of royalty in themselves. From the times of Mughals, or even before that, sherwanis have been inculcated in the culture of Indians. We have been wearing sherwanis and making multiple changes to the way we style them. Listed below are 3 of the most popular style changes made to this royal piece.

  • Sherwani with Dhoti

When you wear it at your wedding, Dhoti Sherwani can beat the look of all other Indian outfits. Its multi-faceted and detailed handwoven work turns the outfit look lovely. We have dhoti sherwani obtainable in several fabrics, such as brocade, silk, khadi, cotton, and velvet.

It would be best to prefer a dhoti sherwani for various longer events as this is a more relaxed outfit. So, do not miss our newest styles of Dhoti Sherwani accessible online. You can discover multiple styles, like floral dhoti sherwani or knee-length dhoti sherwani. Even try asymmetric dhoti sherwani in different stylish cuts.

  • Sherwani with Dupatta

Get some of the best dupatta sherwanis at YourDesignerWear - your favourite place for designer clothes. Usually, this dress goes well when you choose contrast colours. Besides, the dupattas are an excellent alternative to add some layers to your clothing outfit.

There are various fabrics in which dupattas are designed, and the most preferred ones are the net or chiffon dupatta. You can even choose to wear a stylish Pagdi or Safa or Turban if you are at the wedding of your close one. They surely give you a look that will turn heads. When you’re wearing a Safa or a Turban, do not forget to accessorize it with a head pin.

  • Angrakha Style Sherwani

Angrakha style Indo Western outfit is much in design these days for men and is available in numerous tones and styles. Angrakha Indo western is ideal for family social affairs, small functions, and other traditional occasions.

Then, what is Indo Western Kurta Outfit? These kinds of kurtas are available in various cuts and styled sleeves. You can pair them with different sorts of bottom wear outfits, like simple pants, churidar, breeches pants, diverse dhotis, striking salwar, and any set of pyjamas. Men like to wear these kurtas at functions such as weddings, celebrations, and various occasions.

Indo Western Achkan-Achkan takes after traditional Indo western sherwanis yet they are very interesting. Indo western achkans can be coordinated with pants, dhoti, salwar, and numerous other slick bottoms wear these days.

  • Jodhpuri Suit

The Jodhpuri Suit proves to be one of the most elegant styles, and dresses come from Rajasthan and the tribal dress sets. The easiest way to look smart in a Jodhpuri suit is to accessorize it with gemstone mala and rings.

Jodhpuri Suits give an exceptionally imperial allure, yet they have additionally become the stylish choice due to the dazzling prints they come in. As a result, Indian Men have embraced this style with beauty and elegance, and Jodhpuri Suits have become common yet exquisite wear for any evening.

Browse a wide range of Designer Jodhpuri suits and printed Jodhpuri suits and pair them with dhotis or lungi. While you are busy styling your Jodhpuri suits, remember the velvets. A velvet Jodhpuri suit can never turn out badly. You can also choose the pearl white Jodhpuri Suit from Your Designer Wear.

Men Ethnic Wear for Anniversary Parties

The traditional tuxedos have gotten old, don't you think? So, this wedding season, follow these tips and up your style game.

Waistcoats are not given the attention they ought to get. These are so exquisite in any event when they are worn without a jacket or a suit. So, you can denounce any authority and show them how it is done.

  • Nehru Jacket and Kurta

Nehru Jackets and Printed Waistcoats have been the favourite of numerous Indians regarding layering up the kurta pyjama set.

Nehru Jackets add a layer of elegance to a regular kurta pyjama set. There are various styles of Nehru Jackets that you can choose from. 

Waistcoats are warm, lightweight, and tasteful choices to look formal. They are adaptable outfit and additional items that can add a sheet of style to any outfit. You can even wear them without an explicit suit.

YourDesignerWear online collection includes a moderate and best-quality dress that you can get at reasonable prices. Pick your top choices from a wide range of waistcoats designs. We bring to you specially crafted and designed apparel that gives you fashion opportunities. With the selection of outfit that matches your preferences, you can simply spruce up and put your best self forward.

  • Single-breasted Waistcoat

It is quite perhaps the most well-known style of waistcoat you will discover off-the-stake. There is no huge surprise that it's so famous: this style is incredibly undying and looks flattering on each body shape.

Often, they are designed with five buttons; nonetheless, when you go bold, you can have anything from three to seven buttons. The lower piece of the waistcoat is generally pointed rather than straight.

  • Double-breasted Waistcoat

A double-breasted waistcoat has a more formal and traditional touch when compared to the single-breasted outfit. It feels especially appropriate in cold weather since the double layering adds extra warmth. That being said, to look smart, you can even try the double-breasted waistcoat that will have a straight base instead of a pointed one.

Ethnic Wear for Festive and Functions

Perhaps the best thing about men's kurtas is that they are incredibly adaptable. You can wear it for formal, similarly to easy going dressing. For instance, if you are going to a marriage, you can commonly match up your stylish men’s kurtas with astounding Indian mojaris.

For an inconspicuous yet sharp look, you can pair up a plain Indian men’s kurta pyjama set with a maroon bandhani dupatta. Furthermore, if you’re going for an easy going gathering look, nothing spells ‘relaxed’ as a lively men’s kurta synched with a fitting pair of denim. But, of course, we prefer comfort over style, don’t we?

  • Kurta Pyjama Suits

Encouraged by the ethnic clothing, the Pathani suits are a famous men’s apparel worn for festive functions. It has its origin in communities nearby Afghanistan and Pakistan. Indians have likewise worn the Pathani kurta for men over numerous years.

The Pathani kurtas designed for men online collection at YourDesignerWear features styles suitable for fusion wear. These are the best option for you to wear to your best friend’s wedding.

YourDesignerWear, the one stop destination for high quality and reasonably priced dresses, offers the best and widest range of Kurta Pyjamas. Be ready to shop from different styles and patterns of Kurta pyjamas available at an affordable range.

We have different Designer Kurta Pyjama Sets like Punjabi Kurta Pyjama, Pathani Kurta Pyjama, Traditional Kurta Pyjama, Cotton Kurta Pyjama, Embroidered Kurta Pyjama, and other ample numbers of options.

You ought to just use tone mixes that you know turn out best for your skin tone. Let the tones communicate your style. Often, the least troublesome shading blends can make your outfit stand out astoundingly well. It is recommended to pick colours that are in contrast to ramp up your look. 

From texture to embroidery, you can explore different avenues regarding a ton of things in your wardrobe. First, choose a precise style that suits your body shape and offers ideal solace. You can put these into a weaved collar, self-finished rich textures, geometric shapes, and pastels, among others, to make the cheerful apparel standard novel. Your choice of detail to match your preferences will complement your style.

For a long time, men have been settling with dresses and clothes and had too few options to set their style statements. Times have changed now, from Asymmetrical Kurtas to single and double-breasted waistcoats, there is a different style for different occasions. You can go all black and bold or go for something subtle. Remember your dressing will decide your style statement.

Moving Forward

Pick from the newest designs and striking collections available at the most reasonable price as per your choice, preference and utility. Indian Kurtas for Men or Designer Men Kurtas, whatever is your choice, YourDesignerWear has a perfect pair in-store for you.

With each of our clothing products we deliver to you, we assure you that we give the finest quality and design you will cherish for a lifetime. We deliver our products across the globe, so all you have to do is take suggestions from our blog guides and shop your style right at YourDesignerWear.