Top Trending Lehengas for 2022

Top Trending Lehengas for 2022

Do you want to wear the most trendy and elegant lehenga for the next party? Are you the one who always gets confused about the varieties of lehengas ? Well, your problem is now about to vanish.

We have curated a guide on the lehengas that are trending in 2022 for you. So, you may now say goodbye to confusion and hello to fashion! 

This list is not just for the new bride-to-be but also for her friends and family. There are so many colours and fabrics available for each kind of lehenga. It does no harm to know what’s trending in the fashion world, right? 

The below-mentioned list is surely going to help you in your next lehenga shopping-

  • Banarasi Lehenga

Banarasi Lehengas are back in trend this year. The royalty that these lehengas depict is a treat to the eyes. 

Girls and women are again preferring to wear banarasi lehengas to a wedding functions or festivals. The rich silk with which the lehengas are made is nothing but splendid. 

They usually have a heavy and broad gold border. It gives your look a more luxurious effect. 

One can always experiment with contrasting colours while styling a banarasi lehenga. Yellow and red are forever the favourites! To look more fashionable, you can style your red banarasi lehenga with a double dupatta. 

To look different from the crowd, you may go for a green banarasi lehenga and pair it with a pink blouse. 

  • Jacket Style Lehenga

In this digital age, you'd be lying if you said you don’t scroll through fashion influencers' accounts to get some inspiration! 

Are Jacket Style Lehengas the kind you are seeing a lot these days? If yes, then you have a great fashion eye. 

Jacket style lehengas give more of an indo-western look to your outfit. If you want a touch of modernity to your lehengas, this is the one for you! Women usually prefer to wear a sleeveless blouse because you are going to wear a jacket over it. This kind of lehenga speaks ‘comfort.’ 

You can opt for jackets in pastel or solid colours. These are perfect if you are attending a wedding reception. 

  • Anarkali Lehenga

In 2022, Anarkali Lehengas are a bride's first choice. The quality of such lehengas is unmatched. They are probably one of the classiest ethnic outfits in the market. 

We've often noticed Anarkali Lehengas in period-drama movies. These lehengas never cease to go out of style. 

You can always play with colour choices. Pastels are trending in the fashion world! You can go for colours like golden, pastel blue or blush pink. 

Anarkali Lehengas are available in many kinds of fabrics like rayon, silk, etc. You may want to go for quarter sleeves or full sleeves for blouse designs. Collar neck designs are in trend too. 

  • Shimmery Lehenga

When in doubt, add glitter! Want to look like a princess in your lehenga? Shimmery lehenga is the answer to all your wishes. 

All those designer lehengas your favourite actresses wear at a wedding have one thing in common. They are all sparkly and full of shine. 

It is the perfect lehenga for a bride to wear at her reception party. The most trending colours are silver, black and gold. You can also go for smoky grey or sparkling white. 

Shimmery Lehengas are a dream your heart wishes for. Go for a shimmery lehenga and click those fairy tale pictures right now!

  • Peplum Lehenga

Peplum style lehengas are very much trending in 2022!

For a bride who wants to have a modern look, peplum lehengas are here for the rescue. They are extremely comfortable to wear. 

You may want to have fewer embellishments while designing your peplum lehenga. You can go for ruffle sleeves to have a contemporary appearance. They are available in fabrics like satin and georgette. 

If you want a heavy peplum lehenga or a simple one, it is up to you. 

  • Chikankari Lehenga

Chikankari is the most classic lehenga we have in this fashion world. These lehengas are simply timeless. They are the perfect traditional outfit for your summer wedding as they are also available in pastel shades.

This lehenga defines elegance and richness. The trending colours for chikankari lehengas are of course pastels. 

You can go for a pink mirror-work chikankari lehenga. You can also choose blush pink or mint green. Lilac is everyone's choice these days. 

  • Kurti Style Lehenga

Well, this is again a super-comfortable attire to wear for any function. It is indeed a contemporary style lehenga. You can pair a Kurti of your choice with a lehenga skirt. But, always be conscious of the embellishments.

Both Kurti and lehenga cannot be heavy, nor can both be light. You should always do a contrast design in this domain. For a light kurta, always go for a heavy lehenga or vice-versa.

You can choose lace-work or thread-work lehengas. The trending colours are grey, royal blue and shades of red. 

You have many options to select from. You can go for a floral Kurti with a skirt of any solid colour or also opt for frilled Kurtis. 

  • Broad Flared Lehenga

Broad flared lehengas are the most loved vintage kind of lehengas. Flared lehengas are their first choice for women who love to make those twirling boomerangs for their Instagram. 

These lehengas are usually worn in small intimate gatherings or family functions. You can wear these at a haldi or mehndi ceremony. 

While styling your lehenga, always go for heavy choli if you wear a light lehenga skirt. You can choose colours like aqua blue, pastel shades or peacock green. Mirror work skirt lehengas look graceful as well!

  • A-line Lehenga

A-line lehengas were in vogue during the 70’s and 80’s. You’d be glad to hear that this trend is back in 2022. 

The hemline of such lehengas adds more glamour to your look. A-line lehengas are available in fabrics of silk, georgette, chiffon, etc.

These kinds of lehengas are best suited for women with hourglass or pear-shaped bodies as there’s a greater emphasis on the upper body in A-lines.

  • Layered Lehenga

Layered Lehengas are among the top trending lehengas in 2022. These layered or, as you may call ruffled lehengas, are here to stay. They are the modernised lehengas that are perfect if you want to give a contemporary look to the outfit.  

You can wear off-shoulder blouses, or even ruffled-neck designs would look good. Since these lehenga skirts already give a loud look, the embellishments aren’t much necessary. 

The layered skirts are trending in lighter tones these days. Regarding the fabric, you can go for organza or silk. 

  • Asymmetric Lehenga

Asymmetric Lehengas are the perfect touch of modernity to the ethnic attire of lehenga. If you’re a bridesmaid and want to look modern, asymmetric lehengas are for you! You can even experiment with the blouses ranging from off-shoulder ones to halter neck blouses. 

You may want to wear plain lehenga skirts without any embellishments to make the asymmetric pattern visible. You can choose any light or dark colours. 

You can always experiment with the jewellery according to the kind of blouse you’re wearing and your face structure. You’ll be in the limelight of the party with this contemporary lehenga.  

  • Gota Patti Lehenga

Gota Patti Lehengas are Rajasthan’s gift to the world of timeless fashion trends. The best thing about these lehengas is that they can be stitched on any fabric, organza or cotton. Gota Patti work can literally be done on any material.

Such lehengas go perfect for a wedding function. There are so many options of colours that you can try. You can go for the classic red and gold combination. It’ll always look elegant. You can also try orange or magenta. Dark green is also emerging to trend these days. 

Since the gota patti work already gives an impression of a heavy lehenga, you may want to prefer to carry a net or light dupatta. 

Key Takeaways

We hope your confusion has vanished after going through the top 12 trending lehengas for 2022. It is always a big task to figure out which kind of lehenga one should wear. You must stay choose the fabric of your attire in accordance with the weather. Body type also plays a role in helping you buy the perfect lehenga. 

You can explore top trending Lehengas on YourDesignerWear. There is so much variety available and there are different kinds of lehengas for different occasions showcased online. New silhouettes are also emerging here. Weddings and festivals are the main occasions where women prefer to wear ethnic as it goes with the vibe. 

Lehengas add grace and elegance to one's look. The sheer royalty that this dress scream is beyond imagination. Remember to remain confident in whatever attire you wear, and do not forget that a smile goes a long way! 

This list has surely made you more aware of the trends of 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy that dream lehenga, and we promise you that you're going to look like a dream.

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