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Style Check: Three Hijab Accessories will Enhance Your Look

Monday, July 11, 2016 5:12:35 PM Asia/Calcutta

If you are a Hijabi girl and are looking for ways to spice up your Hijab look then we have got some really great ideas for you! We are sure you had been thinking that you could only wear a necklace around your neck but you were wrong girls! There is so much more you can do. You can change your entire look by adding a little sparkle to your Hijab. It is all about trying new accessories but trust us, even with basic small small accessories you can enhance the look and feel the difference.

1) Headbands 
This one is really popular. Headband is such an accessory which every girl from every age wears them. Headbands of different designs and styles can be worn over the Hijab. You can also wear headbands with prints and embellishments on them. This can be worn to various occasions and is sure to make you look fabulous.

2) Hijab Pins
Hijab pins may sound like a simple accessory but not only do they hold the Hijab in place but also add a punch of style to your Hijab. Pins are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose a pin that compliments your Hijab or you can even go in for a contrasting pin. Just remember that the key to looking beautiful is confidence.

3) Tassels
One of the accessory as a Hijab accessory is Tassels which are very much in vogue right now. Hijabs with colorful or beaded tassels look elegant and stylish. One plus point of this accessory is that it can be paired with plain and printed Hijabs.

Make use of these tips to accessorize your Hijabs and looks eye-catching at every occasion. There are stores online and offline to purchase Hijab Accessories like Hijab Pins. There are stores online through which you can customize your Hijab pin as well. These days, Hijab pins with Diamonds, Colorful Artificial Feather, Pearl and semi Precious stones are really popular and in trend. The people who offer customize Hijab Pins offer Pin Designs with your first initials or your choice of words; which looks stylish and elegant as well.

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Posted in Islamic Wear By Dhruv Mehta

How to Accessorize Saree? Important Dos and Don'ts

Saturday, July 18, 2015 11:57:59 AM Asia/Calcutta

Hello Pretties!! we are back with another post. As the festive season is about to start, many of us will be trying and wearing Sarees. After all it is the most elegant and magnificent attire that India has given to the world. For festivals and wedding, no other attire can beat the glory of a Saree. But.. wait wait wait... does Saree alone would do the magic? absolutely not. You should accessorize Saree; such that it looks the best and you can create the magic wherever you go!

So in this post, we are talking about some, important Dos and Don'ts for accessorizing Saree. And of course, types of accessories you can use for accessorizing look. Let's get started.

(1) No Flats with Saree : That's the No 1 rule. If you are not comfortable with heels, you can wear even half or one inch heel, but no flat Chappals. The reason is, with heels, your body posture will look good. Also heels enhances confidence level. So if you will wear Saree with confidence, you are going to create magic for sure.

(2) Pearl Accessories : A simple delicate pearl mala and matching tops would look beautiful with casual Saree. So, if the occasion is not too big and you are wearing light chiffon or georgette Saree, add pearl mala and matching tops! It will give delicate feminine look.

(3) Clutch Vs Bag : The right accessory to wear with Saree is a Clutch and not the Bag. Also, if you are going to be busy at the event, you can skip clutch as well. Take clutch only when you are going to hold it during entire party or event. Otherwise play with other accessories.

(4) Hair Dos and Oversize Earrings : Who said you have to wear a heavy hairstyle or you have to keep hairs open only? If you have long hair, Get a high up-do and wear oversize delicate ear-ring. Be courageous to flaunt this look.

(5) Makeup : If the occasion demands, do makeup.  If you are good at makeup, that's wonderful. Wear makeup that enhances the look. And if you are not much in to makeup, at least you can wear Foundation, Press Powder, Eye Liner and Lipstick. Why not? If you want to look different than usual look, invest time to get ready that includes makeup as well.

(6) Less is More : Invest in some statement neckpiece or ear-rings or bracelets. And try to play with it. Let's say you purchased a statement ear ring which is oversize, stunning and very attractive. Then, let it get attention and keep everything minimal. Do not wear more than 2-3 accessories at a time. If you are wearing good heels, a statement ear ring and makeup; you can definitely skip clutch.

So this was your guide to accessorize the look when you are wearing Saree . There is nothing like perfection when it comes to dressing or makeup; it is always trial and error!

But Two Most Important Accessories to Wear with Saree are:

Smile and Confidence :)

Posted in Sarees By Dhruv Mehta

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