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Wedding Shopping : Tips & Guidelines

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 11:07:12 AM Asia/Calcutta

Her presence dazzles, her looks mesmerize & the bridal saree completes her beautiful look. As soon as the bride enters the wedding hall, the spotlight turns to her and everyone gasps to catch a glimpse of the bride. It's every bride’s wish to look grand on her D-day. Bridal sarees are specifically embellished & designed for the larger than life look giving brides a royal look.

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Pakistani Gharara Sharara Lehenga for Eid Festival

Thursday, June 30, 2016 10:10:29 AM Asia/Calcutta

Eid is also known as the day of joy. It is a festival when everyone from women to the children, all needs a perfect dress for the celebrations. Especially for women, Eid is the time to dress up in fancy clothes, wear statement jewelry, colorful bangles and fashionable footwear.

For Eid in this season, pick out an outfit which is not only traditional but also trendy such as Lehenga Choli, Front open Frock with Pencil Trousers, Gown with Palazzo, Kurta with Gharara; which are designed keeping in mind the tradition but also the latest trends.

Sharara, Lehenga, Ghagra

We have seen many celebrities wearing Gharara and Sharara in various Bollywood movies like Pakeeza, Umrao Jaan etc. Recently we have seen Pernia Qureshi wearing Sharara for movie promotion Jaanisaar. And there are many Indian fashion designers designed and included Sharara and Gharara outfits for their bridal or couture design range. Gharara and Sharara are two outfits having their roots in Muslim culture, and they will be in fashion forever.

Gharara is a popular trend dating back to the Mughal times. A Gharara or a Sharara can be traditionally describes as a pair of loose, wide-legged, pleated pants usually worn with a kurta along with a dupatta. However, over the years, it has taken new forms today. The beauty of this outfit is that it looks good on any type of body structure.

Gharara Lehenga Choli is one of the latest trends at the moment. Gharara comes in a wide variety of designs and can we worn in multiple ways. It can either be worn with a crop top or a short blouse; knee length kurta or even a long one. This traditional outfit is now available with a contemporary touch.

Gharara or a Sharara can be paired with short kurtas or even heavily embroidered shararas can be paired with crop top jackets, for a heavy look. For a lighter look, a sharara can be paired with a modern lace kurta or jacket.

We hope you have fun twirling and swirling in your pretty shararas this festive season ladies! For Eid Special Designs and Collection, browse through entire collection on http://www.yourdesignerwear.com

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Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Bridal Lehenga

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:15:27 PM Asia/Calcutta

An Indian wedding is a five day long celebration. But for the bride, wedding day is one of the most special days of her life as she is the center of attraction because all the wedding rituals revolve around her. Lehenga is a most important thing and can be said as a soul of every wedding. All the eyes wait for the special lehenga of the bride. However, to buy the ideal outfit for your wedding is quite confusing. So here is a list of things you must keep in mind before purchasing your bridal lehenga.

Browse through various options.

Before settling on any style or color of the outfit, have a look at as many options as possible. There are so many designs, colors and styles of bridal outfits such as Pakistani, Punjabi or the traditional red lehenga. So select the outfit that perfectly suits you and also fits in your budget.

Body profile

Lehengas come in various shapes and styles such as A line lehengas, fishtail lehengas, flared lehengas, straight lehegas and the list goes on. Make sure you choose a style that flatters your body curves.

Keep the jewelry in mind

Always buy the jewelry before you buy the lehenga, because as mentioned before you might only wear the lehenga once in life, but will wear the jewelry many more times and also it’s a much bigger investment than the lehenga.

Bridal lehenga collection

Current trends

The modern day brides like to experiment not only with the style of the outfits but also colors. Brides today will not usually go in for the traditional red lehenga. They are opting for colors such as blue, gold and even whites. However, one trend that a bride to be just cannot miss is the cape coupled with lehengas. This outfit will create a perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary style.

Grooms outfit

The Groom’s outfit is also an important thing to consider while buying lehenga. Always prefer the same color lehenga as Groom’s outfit. Although the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride’s lehenga before the wedding day as it is considered bad luck in many cultures, he should at least know the color of his bride’s lehenga so that their outfits on the D-day can be in perfect harmony.

So here are some common tips to be considered while buying your bridal lehenga. Research well, take help of internet and friends to get a fantastic lehenga for the most memorable day of your life.

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How to Style Chaniya Choli? Style Tips for Navratri 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015 12:14:47 PM Asia/Calcutta

Navratri, the vibrance of Gujarat but the passion of every Indian who loves to sing, dance or even tap her feet to rhythmic beats, a festival that creates an atmosphere full of life. Garba, the Gujarati folk dance is played with full zest all around the state. All the enthusiasts get into the mood to enjoy the most awaited dance festival. As Navratri approaches, every single person is in the dilemma of "What new taste and twist should be added to the stereotype Chaniya-Cholis and Kurtas to look attractive?"

To match up with the lively atmosphere during Navratri, here are a few tips one could utilize to grab the limelight.


1.    Choose an indo-western style in order be a step apart. Simple yet colourful knee length skirt with full flair and traditional work can be clubbed with a jazzy backless / halter Choli and a simple Dupatta. Wearing something with pure Kutchi work shall also be great. Boys could style up their Kurta by using a Dupatta as a turban or tying it around the waist.
2.    Select a material that is easy to carry, one that makes you feel comfortable even if you sweat a lot. Cotton could be a convenient option. For a good look chiffon would go really well. Easy and light to carry.


1.    The atmosphere seeming really hot these days, it would be preferable to put on light but eye catching jewellery.
2.    Traditional statement earrings and a few Bangles shall be enough to add that bling to your charming personality. Mang-Tika would make your face look really different and impressive. Boys can put on Kadas and clip-on earrings to give their attire a new look.

Make Up:

1.    Using a minimal of makeup that gives your face a natural yet pretty look is advisable.
2.    Applying Waterproof Make Up shall keep up your looks intact even if you sweat.

Hair Do:

1.    Styling your hair into a braid (a fish tail or a French braid) would be a perfect match along with the ethnic look.
2.    Tying up your hair into a bun could also be preferred as it would give an elegant look as well as a sigh of relief in the hot weather.


1.    Traditional Mojdis would be pretty comfortable while playing Garba and will be compatible with the ethnic Chaniya-Choli as well.
2.    Wearing any kind of uncomfortable footwear is not advisable as it could hurt your feet as well as your enthusiasm to play Garba.

Style up, accessorize and Dance to your fullest to be one in that crowd looking at whom everyone’s eyes are left wide open!

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What to wear on Your Wedding Day? Saree or Lehenga

Monday, July 6, 2015 11:22:54 AM Asia/Calcutta

Every girl from her childhood dreams about her big day, when she will be looking like a princess. When everyone around us will be watching her and praise her for her wedding day charm, dress, Mehendi, Jewelry, her smile, her makeup etc. To make it reality, these days bride chooses her outfit very carefully such that her wedding outfit enhance her beauty. She must look her best on that day. The major question for brides to be is what to wear on wedding day? A Saree or a Lehenga. From ages, it is a tradition to wear a Saree on wedding day but with time changes, nowadays girls even like to wear Lehenga on Wedding.

In this post we are talking about the same. What to wear on Wedding, A Saree or a Lehenga?

A Saree on a Wedding Day:

Nothing can beat the glory of Saree. It is true that no woman can look bad in a Saree. Whether you are an Indian or you are from different country. Whether you are tall or short, fat or slim, Saree is the versatile attire which suits every body type. In most part of India, it is tradition to wear Saree on wedding day. However, each part of India has its own traditions for the type of Saree to wear on wedding day. In Gujarat, a girl would wear Red and White Saree on wedding day, which is called “Paneter”. In Kerala, Girl wears White Saree with Golden boarder on a wedding day. Similarly from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Rajasthan to Sikkim, there are different types of Sarees for the bride on her wedding.

Why you should wear Saree?

  •     On your biggest day of life, Saree would definitely make you feel special and you would surely look like a queen.
  •     Being one of the most versatile attire, it suits all body type and matches perfectly with wedding jewelery, Mehendi and other wedding ornaments.
  •     With Saree, you will definitely get the feel of your own wedding being you as a center attraction and all eyes towards you discussing the pretty bride of the day.
  •     Think about your post wedding days. If you are not going to wear Saree in coming days, it is good option to wear Saree on your wedding days, you would cherish the memories lifetime.
  •     You can wear your wedding Saree later as well, on your friend’s wedding or your close family member’s wedding.

 A Lehenga on your wedding day:

Lehenga is definitely an age old attire which is been worn in every corner of India. Though there are less chances that you will wear the same heavy Lehenga in future on someone else’s wedding. So reusability is the concern when it comes to Lehenga. Though, it looks rich, modern and elegant on Wedding day.

Why you should wear Lehenga?

  •     If you planning a theme wedding and you want to match your wedding attire with your groom, you will get more options with Lehenga than saree.
  •     For modern wedding, with fewer rituals people choose Lehenga over Saree.
  •     For hour glass body type, Lehenga is the best choice.
  •     For heavy jewelry, Lehenga is a better option as you can easily find heavy jewelry matching your Lehenga.

So on the basis of above points you can decide your wedding outfit. To buy designer Wedding Saree and gorgeous Wedding Lehenga, try YourDesignerWear.com

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