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Essential Grooming Tips For Men: Read & Follow

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 11:05:29 AM Asia/Calcutta

Gone are those days when grooming for men included nothing more than face shaving, a bath along with well-pressed clothes. Indian men are facing a different game and it’s important to understand how to impress those around you.

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Posted in Fashion By Dhruv Mehta

Trend Alert! Off Shoulder Blouses With Saree

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 10:58:05 AM Asia/Calcutta

With the fashion changing every day, now there are so many options for you blouse designs. From creative back designs to neckline and sleeves, blouses can be customized in many ways. The latest trend for the blouses now is the off shoulder blouse which has been seen flaunting by many girls.

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Posted in Fashion By Dhruv Mehta

Fashion Trend Alert 2016: Saree with Capes

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 9:04:09 AM Asia/Calcutta

In the year 2016, fashion has a new definition, and it is “Sarees with Capes.” These transformation in the definition has been all due to ideological change in the lifestyle as well as the change in the mindset altogether. The days of Net blouse and plain sarees did made distinct statements, but that was quite a prosaic combination, lacking all the attraction and extol.

Sarees with capes look awesome, and if these are adorned with printed blouses, the effect multiplies several times. It is going to give the wearer quite a bountiful feel, which is far crushing than the feel. When the cape is added to the already gorgeous saree, it gives out demi-goddess feel to women, and she stands out in the crowd.

Saree with Capes



So How to Get Saree Cape Done?

It’s actually simpler than it sounds. Of course it needs basic skills of a shopper and choosing the right fabric. Here are some ideas.
• You can use the blouse piece to create the cape with the matching fabric. And for blouse you can wear basic sleeve less louse.
• If the Saree has embroidery or hand work in front, you can opt for the cape made with Net Fabric such that the work stays visible. You can add lace details to the cape to make it more attractive one. Like Deepika Padukone Spotted wearing a basic plain chiffon saree with basic spaghetti blouse and a net fabric cape.

Saree with Capes

Sarees with Add-Ons like the capes are sufficient enough to Revv-Up the beauty of woman, and there is a complete metamorphosis. This addition also adds the

The innovation in sarees and other traditional wear with women orientation has never stopped, and the cape addition is the sheer outcome of this YEARS-LONG innovation. The saree goes well on all occasions, and in all seasons. It is the style, which is here to stay and make its mark. Adorning the saree with cape is the addition of value, style and elegance. If you have decided to go off beat, and look melodramatic as well as super goddess like figure, saree with cape is the natural and the first choice to make. It brings greatness and extols the personality and the figure.

Posted in Sarees By Dhruv Mehta

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