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Wedding Shopping : Tips & Guidelines

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 11:07:12 AM Asia/Calcutta

Her presence dazzles, her looks mesmerize & the bridal saree completes her beautiful look. As soon as the bride enters the wedding hall, the spotlight turns to her and everyone gasps to catch a glimpse of the bride. It's every bride’s wish to look grand on her D-day. Bridal sarees are specifically embellished & designed for the larger than life look giving brides a royal look.

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Posted in Sarees By Dhruv Mehta

How to choose Ethnic Wear for Teen Girls? Tips and Guidelines

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 3:40:55 PM Asia/Calcutta

Most of the latest western fashion trends suit specific body types. For example, skinny jeans on pear-shaped women will look odd. But the great thing about the ethnic wear - there are styles that suit all body types. If you need volume or want to look slim, all you have to do is pick the right ethnic wear according to your body. However, to decide between the various cuts and styles available today it can get confusing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for ethnic clothing for teenagers-

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Kaftan Dresses: Fashion, Trend and Style Tips

Saturday, July 23, 2016 10:36:28 AM Asia/Calcutta

Which girl doesn’t love to make a style statement? All the girls follow the latest trend and fashion to make heads turn. If you are bored of wearing the same summer dresses and want to up your fashion game, it’s time to change to your style just a little bit. Kaftans are one of the trendiest options this summer. It is also the perfect outfit to beat the heat.

islamic kaftan

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How to Store Hijab Like a Pro? Organization Tips

Friday, July 1, 2016 8:04:16 PM Asia/Calcutta

A Hijab is an Islamic obligation, however today girls are embracing it as a fashion statement. There are more and more people, today who are accepting Hijab. So, in case you are one of the girls who are wearing this as a fashion accessory, we are sure you have hundreds of these head scarves. Many times, what happens is these Hijabs get lost in our cluttered closet and we tend to forget about it. The most important thing to remember about a clean closet is accessibility- if it’s not within reach; you are most likely to forget about it.

hijab designs

So today we are going to list down some ways in which you can organize your Hijab collection.

1) Tie Holders
You can convert a tie hanger into Hijab hanger. They will not only make the Hijab accessible but also save tons of space on the shelves. It is also easy to remove one scarf without disturbing the others. Since these hangers are made with the aim to hold a lot of ties, they are sturdier than normal hangers.

2) Normal Hanger
This is one of the most common ways of storing scarves. However, keep in mind that a normal hanger will not store as many as the above tie hanger.

3) Sort it according to the Season
Sort out your scarves according to the season. Since, it is summer right now, we advice to have breathable and lightweight scarves on a hanger or at the back of your closet on hooks. This means that your winter appropriate scarves will be in a drawer waiting patiently for their turn to come out.

4) Like Tie Organizers, there are scarf organizers available in the market. You can have one of them and hang all Hijab over it. There are various sizes available like 8 piece organizers, 16 piece organizer and even 2 piece organizer. You can choose the size as per your requirement.

5) If you don’t want to hang them, there are organizers come with small partitions in one. Usually people use these types of organizers to store lingerie, socks, kid’s wear etc. You can use it to organize HIjab as well.

These are the top three organization hacks for you to sort out your Hijab. Hope you have fun and are able to wear each one of this head accessory and look fab!

Posted in Islamic Wear By Dhruv Mehta

Plus Size Traditional Ethnic Wear Options Online

Monday, May 16, 2016 2:28:52 PM Asia/Calcutta

For the longest time, fashion was focused on skinny girls; however, real women come in all shapes and sizes. There are many designers who are acknowledging and even celebrating fashion for curvy or plus size women.

Plus Size Traditional Ethnic Wear Options Online

1. Pakistani Long Salwar Kameez : The Pakistani Long Kurta comes in a straight cut which makes you look sleek and tall. Pair it with Churidar and medium size heels.

2. Floor Length Anarkali : For Festivals and Special Occasions like Evening, Party, Engagement Party or a Reception, you can opt for Floor Length Anarkali. A floor length Anarkali paired with heels will add more height visually. Also, right fit and cuts can make you look slim. Here, choosing the right fabric is a trick. Do not choose Net Fabric or Stiff Fabric. Opt for easy and flowy fabrics like Chiffon & Georgette.

3. Straight Line Kurtis with Palazzo Pants : Sterieght Line Kurtis paired with Palazzo trend is the latest fashion trend in ethnic wear. You can opt for full flair Palazzo or medium flair Palazzo pant as per your choice.

4. Kurtis with Center Cut Paired with Silk Pants : This look is just best for plus size beauties and it looks really pretty as a formal wear too. The Raw Silk or any other thick fabric pant made to fit looks stylish and presentable. If plus size beauties are looking for the option in ethnic wear that one can wear in the office, this look one should try.

floor length anarkali designs

Listed below are a few fashion tips for the plus size women to keep in mind while shopping:

• Dress up from head to toe in one tone. The clothes which are a dark color like black, dark navy or dark red to Aubergine gives the illusion of a slimmer figure because dark colors absorb light.
• Wear clothes that are the right size. It’s a myth that wearing oversized clothes will make you look thinner.
• Wear heels. An increase in height with heels balances your width.
• Empire waistlines and low necks help lengthen the look of the neck, keeping away the attention from the width of the body. Also, long chains have the same effect.

However, in today’s world where the technology is so advanced, you can order anything sitting anywhere at any time of the day or night. Try YourDesignerWear for Semi Stiched Anarkali and Kurtis and flaunt in style.

Posted in Fashion By Dhruv Mehta

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