Wedding Shopping : Tips & Guidelines

Wedding Shopping : Tips & Guidelines

Her presence dazzles, her looks mesmerize & the bridal saree completes her beautiful look. As soon as the bride enters the wedding hall, the spotlight turns to her and everyone gasps to catch a glimpse of the bride. It's every bride's wish to look grand on her D-day. Bridal sarees & Bridal lehengas are specifically embellished & designed for the larger than life look giving brides a royal look.

Some tips to keep in mind while shopping for your bridal wear -

1) Don't get fixated on a Color 
This is the biggest mistakes girls make- they enter the store and give color preferences. This makes you narrow down your options in order to stick to a certain color you absolutely love! While it is nice to have color preferences but do keep in mind that an outfit can be replicated into the color of your choice.

2) Know your Budget
It really helps to have a clear cut idea about the budget that you are setting aside for your wedding shopping. It is but natural for brides to get carried away while shopping for their wedding sarees, especially with the eye popping variety of outfits available today. If you set off with a budget in mind, you will be able to control that urge to stretch yourself too much.

3) Choose your Current Size 
It is natural for brides to plan to lose a couple of inches before the wedding. But this definitely does not mean that you should buy clothes that are an inch or two tighter than your current size. What if you failed to lose all that weight ? To prevent any last minute size chaos, we suggest that you pick clothes in your current size only. In case you manage to lose that stubborn flab, you could always get your outfits altered within a day!

4) Explore Online for style and Fashion Inspiration
There are great websites like that offers great range of fashion outfits that are in fashion and suits each and every Indian girl. When you browse through various categories and collection, you will know which style is more popular these days ? What are those designs that you have not tried and you should give it try... etc.

5) Know your Body Type
Last but very important thing that you must consider when you choose your wedding outfit is, knowing your body type. You can check online and find out your body type and choose outfit that compliments your body. For Example - For Athlete Body Type, Evening gown is a better option than a saree. Similarly you should check your body time and decide your wedding dress.

Hope these tips were helpful! Happy Shopping!