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Abaya - Our Unique & Exclusive Islamic Clothing Collection

Abaya, also known as Aba, is a dress or robe covering the legs completely. It is worn prevalently in Middle Eastern countries by Muslim women over street clothes.

Abaya outfit covers the woman's entire body and hides her curves because of its length and long sleeves. Such an Islamic dress clothing is prominent among Muslim women in the Arabian Peninsula and the North African region.

New Abaya Outfits

Even though Abayas were traditionally only available in black, fashion has added some colors, prints, and cuts into this once plain black robe. What was once a modest, simple, black cloak has evolved into a more elegant, glamorous, and artsy dress. Except for the head, feet, and hands, abayas cover the entire body.

Several people also wear it with a niqab to cover their entire face except for their eyes. Even the eyes get covered sometimes when women wear sunglasses. 

If you are somebody who is still utilizing those plain boring black abayas, then ladies, it is time to upgrade. If you would like to precisely branch out from the traditional Abaya, here are some beautiful options for Islamic modern abaya dress for women.

Abaya with an Open Button

The open button abaya dress is a fashionable abaya that perfectly combines the modern and traditional. In addition, a well-matched pair of pants can elevate your look and help you make a fashion statement.

Closed Abaya

Closed abayas are gaining popularity as a modest fashion statement around the world. Colours, embroideries, and prints have been added to these simple cloaks to make them more trendy and classy. It is also a practical yet elegant option for those who prefer not to wear pants.

Abayas in the Style of Dubai

The stunning trims and cuts and the glittery stone, thread, and sequin work contribute to the popularity of Dubai-style abayas. Because it is so famous, it can be found in any good store. Your Designer Wear promises to provide you with the best of the best collections.

The Cardi Abaya

The belt replaces the buttons on an abaya cardi. It is popular among younger women who prefer their abayas to be modern. Wear it with an elegant top and a pair of oxfords with ankle pants, and you're all set to rule the world.

Designs for Lycra Abayas

Abayas made of Lycra are known for their grace. In addition, it brings a feminine side to the dress since the fabric fits the wearer's shape.

Designer Abaya

Designer abayas are often a decent candidate as they last longer and are made to order. Furthermore, if you purchase an abaya dress online, your chances of finding the perfect abaya dress of your dreams are increased. You can experiment with your look, from pure modesty to flaunting glamour.

You have the option of purchasing your new modern abaya dress from a regular store. Nowadays, every store has a variety of abaya collections. That being said, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, it is always better to buy an abaya dress online.

Buy Abaya - The Islamic Kaftans Online at YourDesignerWear

An online store like YourDesignerWear will provide you with more and trendy options for Muslim abaya. We ship our products throughout India and abroad as our logistics team is always prompt to deliver to you at the given time.