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Tikka - Our Unique and Exclusive Collection

Maang Tikka looks amazing whenever you are wearing it with any traditional wear. Wearing a stunning ornament is perfect for the enhancement of the look. You can add the maang tikka with gold bangles, a diamond necklace, or beautiful Jhumka earrings.

At YourDesignerWear, we sell some of the premium grade maang tikkas. Just add up to the glamour with varying designs of maang tikka. This is one of the humblest approaches and ways to instantly glamorizing yourself. You will love the stunning look that will be traditional yet classy. 

The Ancient History About Maang Tikka

These days, married to unmarried women wear maang tikka on the forehead to look beautiful. Even if you place it with the traditional Sindhu look, you can rest assured that the maang tikka you will get from our online inventory will be a stunning piece of jewelry reflecting the Regal look.

The maang tikka has been historically famous with Rajasthani queens who wear it in precious jewelry moments during ceremonial or bridal occasions. The trends in Maang Tikka Jewelry in India are evolving every day, and the Indian fashion market is embracing them. 

The introduction of the various design’s patterns and the quality standards in the range of the maang tikka is making them even better. You can get the precious stone embedded designs from Your Designer Wear that can also come with the semi-precious gemstones for offering the regal look.

Our Maang Tikka & Gemstones Collection

All such gemstones are also available in the various colors that will be making sure about matching the jewelry with the attire. We sell maang tikka that will look like a pendant, and on one end, there will be a hook for securing it in the hair. This is must-wear jewelry, especially for brides.

You can also see some of the stunning designs from our Your Designer Wear inventory that has resemblances to the Bollywood Diva-based designs. Such beautiful ornaments from our store will be amazing and will be truly a timeless piece. Buy Maang Tikka online from the available designs. 

Pick from the plethora of designs

The various designs that will be available make sure that you can wear them with different attire. These days, everyone is wearing maang tikka in different ways. While some are wearing them patently, some others embrace the pattern of wearing them on the right side of the head for attaining the Mughal style look.

Regardless of the design you are looking forward to, you can purchase tikka online from one of the best stores selling good quality maang tikka.

Buy Maang Tikka Online from YourDesignerWear.com

Over the years, our online store YourDesignerWear has fulfilled buyer's expectations, and this is why we have become the one-stop destination for your maang tikka and the range of other Indian jewelry. From our online listings, you can also get the all-around ethnic fashionable designs from various accessories that we list on our website. Be ready to look classy while being elegant.

At YourDesignerWear, we always assure quality assurance with the jewelry products that we list online. So just explore from our store and pick the one with the range of colors for matching your attire. Irrespective of your geographical location, we deliver your selected items in India and overseas as well.