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Best Designer & Traditional Kurtas

The first impression matters a lot, and Indian wear makes men look very classy. So, choose one from our range of designer kurta and feast on semi-formal designs that you can wear on relaxed Fridays and for after-work dinners.

The best clothing for men this season is the exemplary wedding collection of kurtas - it is quite rich, stylish and suits each age. So let your chic kurta do the talking this wedding season and grab all the limelight.

Online Shopping of Men Kurtas

YourDesignerWear offers the best and widest range of kurtas for you. Shop from our online store and pick your favorite kurtas from various styles & patterns. Our range even includes Punjabi kurtas and Pathani kurtas.

Do you also wonder how you can style these traditional kurtas with a modern touch? Here are a couple of ideas to style kurtas in the trendiest manner -

  • Play with colors

Be bold, mix and match colors. You should simply use color mixes that you know work best for your skin tone. Allow the colors to communicate your style.

Often, the least difficult color blends can make your outfit stand out astoundingly well. It is recommended and suggested to pick colors that are in contrast to your looks and styles. 

  • Dress it up

Make your look intriguing by adding a jacket or drape over a cotton kurta. If your kurta is in a loud color, wear a printed or embellished jacket that will give your clothing an edge and assist with featuring the details as well.

  • Focus on detail

From texture to embroidery, you can explore different avenues regarding a lot of things in your wardrobe. Pick a kurta style that suits your overall body shape and offers ideal comfort.

You can put these into an embroidered collar, self-finished rich textures, geometric shapes and pastels, among others, to make your clothing look classy. You express your style quotient by the way you choose to flaunt your kurta’s details.

  • Kurta length

With an array of kurtas on the lookout, pick the length that suits your persona. While short kurtas look great with Patiala or a pair of pants, long kurtas work out in a good way in churidar. Semi-shirt and traditional kurtas are additionally thought to be fashionable for their pattern and stylish look. You can never turn out wrongly with the exemplary long kurta that complements your height and class.

  • Accessorize

Every traditional outfit looks dazzling with a hint of accessory. You can add pocket squares and pins to emphasize the glory of your kurta. Gemstone accessories are additionally known to be rich. Bandi jackets with itemized embroidery are likewise an incredible option to go for. 

Buy Kurtas from YourDesignerWear.com

Buy kurtas online with YourDesignerWear. We have the best wedding collection of kurtas and various patterns & styles of kurtas for men. We ship our clothing products throughout India and abroad as we have a precise team to handle this service.