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  1. Lime Green and Grey Cotton Kurti
    Lime Green and Grey Cotton Kurti
    Special Price US$12.59 40% off US$20.89
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  2. Dusty Grey Embroidered Rayon Tunic
    Dusty Grey Embroidered Rayon Tunic
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  3. Green Rayon Kurti
    Green Rayon Kurti
    Special Price US$13.41 25% off US$17.89
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  4. Pastel Green Cotton Kurti
    Pastel Green Cotton Kurti
    Special Price US$11.02 38% off US$17.73
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  5. Royal Blue Rayon Kurti
    Royal Blue Rayon Kurti
    Special Price US$13.41 25% off US$17.89
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  6. Baby Pink Rayon Kurti
    Baby Pink Rayon Kurti
    Special Price US$12.29 25% off US$16.39
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Buy Kurtis for Women Online Right On Sales !

With time, Kurtis has become an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe not only in India but also in some other countries as well. Kurtas or Kurtis not only look stylish but also make you feel comfortable every day. It is a loosely fitted outfit that has now become a pride of women’s unique fashion sense.

So, if you want to better upgrade your current wardrobe, look no further as we at YourDesignerWear provide a huge collection of designer and everyday use Kurtis and kurtas for women. 

Our Designer Kurti Collection - Add Value To Your Wardrobe

  • Viscose Rayon Kurti with Pant

Viscose Rayon Kurti with pants is the perfect choice for every woman who works in offices or stores. These are comfortable and most suited for workplaces. 

  • Print Rayon Long Kurti

It is one of the trendiest and comfortable pieces of all time. Printed rayon is perfect for everyday wear. It is an easy breezy material that sits right on all your curves. 

  • Rayon Slub Long Kurti

It is a comfortable fabric that feels soft on the skin. It allows your skin to breathe more than any other fabric.  

  • Striped Cotton Kurti with Pant

Cotton Kurti signifies perfection. It is flawless for all skin types, and the best part is that it is easy to maintain cool, soft and durable material. Currently, striped cotton Kurti with pants is quite popular among ladies. 

  • Embroidered Rayon Tunic

Embroidered rayon tunic is an excellent choice for a woman of all ages. Based on the embroidery, the outfit can be worn casually and occasionally. 

Which are the Best Kurti Colours for Events?

  • Dusty Grey

Dusty grey is one of the trendiest colours these days. It is available in a range of outfits from Kurti to suits and lehenga to sarees. Moreover, dusty grey Kurti can be worn in contrast with many colours on the palate.

  • Beige and White

Beige and white are evergreen colours. It has and will be worn by women of all ages on most occasions. 

  • Bottle Green

If you want another trending colour in your wardrobe, you can opt for a bottle-green kurti or any other outfit. 

  • Carnation Pink Gold

Carnation pink gold colour is one of the subtlest yet bright colours that can be worn anywhere with the right colour of bottoms. It will make you look the most striking woman in any place. 

  • Old Rose Pink

Old rose-pink colour is quite a delicate colour which is best for women of any skin colour. Choose the material right to categories the Kurti between casual and occasional. 

How to Pick the Best Kurtis in Online Sales?

Picking the perfect Kurtis online in the sale is one of the trickiest tasks. Thus, one must first lay a checklist to customize your search option. Later, select a few pieces that sit perfectly in your checklist. Once you list your favourite pieces, then ultimately make your final choice.

Buy Designer Kurtis from YourDesignerWear at Discounted Pricing!

At YourDesignerWear, we offer the amazing range of colour, designs and other options for designer Kurtis. Every piece on our website is available in every size; thus, one can pick according to your occasion and body type.

Moreover, shopping for anything from YourDesignerWear is quite simple, put your favourite in the cart, pick the payment choice and get it precisely delivered to your doorstep. So, enjoy shopping with YourDesignerWear.