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Toe Rings

Toe Rings - Our Unique Accessory Collection

Toe rings are a big part of married Hindu women's tradition for many ages now. It is a jewelry piece that signifies that a woman is married. Science has backed up that wearing toe rings have multiple benefits. Wearing it on the second toe ensures that the acupressure points are constantly pressed as it helps regulate a woman's health cycle. 

Yes, just wearing toe rings can make you healthy and strong with both traditional beliefs as well as proven science. It is a jewelry piece that is necessary to include in a married woman's Solah Shringar kit.

Toe rings, also known as bichhiya, are available and worn in almost every part of India. You can find many types of ring accessories, but you must learn a little about them to choose and buy toe rings. So, here are a few kinds of toe rings that you can purchase right from YourDesignerWear.

Types of Toe Rings One Can Have

Toe Rings are available in different shapes and makes. Women generally prefer buying them according to the occasion and purpose.

Toe Bands 

Toe bands are an excellent choice for women with big toes. They look an absolutely classy and clean piece of metal for every woman who loves simple yet elegant designs. These are the best match for everyday wear. They are available with different embellishments like pearls, beads, crystals, and much more. Meenakari toe bands are carefully designed for brides. 

Anklet Toe Rings 

As one can clearly understand by the name, these toe rings are attached to the anklets or payal with a string. These are very fancy and occasionally wearing toe rings which are delicately designed for bridal purposes. However, buy toe rings online that can immediately enhance your feet under traditional outfits. 

Temple Design-Like Toe Rings

Temple-designed toe-rings are quite heavily designed, which is why the design must always be on the top. These toe rings are primarily available in gold-plated metal, and one can buy toe rings online. It is a traditionally designed toe-ring that women often wear in Silk sarees.

Double Toe Rings 

It is of a simple kind where two rings are attached with a chain. The double toe rings are supposed to wear together on the foot's second and third fingers.

Triple Toe Rings

As the name suggests, the triple toe rings are worn in the three toes together. It is a piece of jewel that can heavily dress up the feet of a woman. Triple toe rings are also known as Pola, a great conductor of attracting energy from the Earth to add positive effects to the woman's body. 


Amvat is a type of toe ring that is specially made for the woman with big toes. These toe rings are mostly simpler and less creative than any other design.

Purchase Toe Rings from YourDesignerWear

No matter what the occasion or party is, toe rings look gorgeous on every woman's foot. If you have decided to get your hands on the most fantastic toe rings, visit our website to purchase toe rings from YourDesignerWear at an affordable price. 

We take care of all our varied customer choices, and our teams believe in meeting their product expectations. Wherever you are, we can deliver our products anywhere worldwide, right from YourDesignerWear.