How to Choose Jewelry for a Friend's Wedding

How to Choose Jewelry for a Friend's Wedding

Got too many weddings to attend? Don't know how to style your outfit differently each time? Don't worry, if you are wearing the same outfit, but if you wear your jewelry in a different way it will make all the difference. Listed below are a few tips and tricks about Indian jewelry and how you can style them in various ways -

1) Elegant Kundan Maang Tikkas -
Forget the classic and even upbeat Maang Tikka styles. These days Kundan Mang Tikas are really in trend. If you want to keep it light, you can try contemporary fashion Maang Tikas available in the market. You can also play the DIY game here. Grab your necklace and convert it to a crown style Tikka. This style statement is sure to make you stand out among all your friends.

2) Chunky Necklaces -
Chunky, extra large, oversized; they don't begin to describe the super huge statement pieces. Some are multi-strands while others are a single, super large piece. You could even pair up two medium size necklaces to up your style game.

3) Statement Earrings -
Statement earrings are a great way to make a style statement at your friend's wedding. Earrings in large, flowy silhouettes are pretty much all you need. Opt for earrings that are large and clean-cut with a focus on bold shapes.

4) Cocktail Rings -
Cocktail rings are the most popular fashion statement today, with colors that pop and eye catching sparkle. The cocktail ring is sure to make you stand out at any wedding function. If you don't like Cocktail rings then you can try Hath Pan that is a Ring and a delicate bracelet attached with a string.

5) Mother's Antique Jewels -
Your antique jewelry is timeless. Such jewelry will not only make you look elegant, but also each piece you own has to story to tell. So, you just need to check your mom's trunk for some of her favorite pieces, you will surely get something that you would like to wear and people will praise it a lot, because Antique is Antique!

Lastly, girls remember to balance out the bling in your outfit and jewelry. If you are wearing a heavy neck piece pair, it will go perfect with smaller earrings to balance out your look. So, girls glam at your friend's wedding with these jewelry tips. Hope these tips are useful to you! To get the best jewelry of all kinds, visit

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