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Trendy Salwar Kameez Suits for Wedding Occasions

Trendy Salwar Kameez Suits for Wedding Occasions

Every woman looks forward to looking stunning on her wedding day. With the cameras flashing and the anxious crowd waiting to judge her looks, every bride must look her best.

Besides choosing the right makeup wearing the proper outfit plays a crucial role which is why we have come up with a list of trending salwar kameez suits for wedding occasions.

These suits are available in different colors so that you can choose them per occasion or function. Not just the brides but also the bridesmaid and women from the bride and groom side need to choose the best salwar kameez suits for wedding occasions.

Salwar Kameez has Robbed the Heart of Women Globally

They are known for their versatility, comfortability, ethnic authenticity beauty fusion with contemporary style, and it is undoubtedly an essential attire for the women's closet. The Punjabi women originally wore these suits, and as they are ageless phenomenal attractive outfit has spread like wildfire not only in India but also in different parts of the world.

The best part today is that you can wear salwar kameez suits even to the wedding, and there are plenty of trends to get your hands on the latest salwar kameez for the wedding. The big fat Indian wedding is undoubtedly a joyful time for the couple tying the knot and for the friends and family around. The environment around the entire household is festival energetic, so why not look your best during that time?

On the flip side, weddings can also be quite tense for selecting the best wedding outfit because this is one of the most challenging parts of the entire wedding preparation as it is the best time of the year to flaunt your inner desi diva and burn the dance floor with your dance moves. From the wedding ceremony and reception to sangeet and mehndi, everybody would be dressed to the nines, and you can look nothing less than perfect by choosing the best salwar kameez.

Best Ethnic Wedding Wear

When it comes to ethnic wedding wear, the Evergreen Indian salwar kameez for Indian women is nothing but a timeless piece and a favorite among all modern Indian women. Salwar kameez is perfect for you to get through the frantic wedding.

Gone are the days where you had to wear the typical Indian lehengas and sarees to the Indian wedding because today times have changed and people are more open to wedding salwar kameez than ever before. the best part about salwar kameez is that it is not only stylish but also comfortable.

Irrespective if you are a bride to be looking for the best salwar kameez for the wedding, you are the groom's mother, the bride's sister, or even her best friend, the latest trends in the Indian salwar kameez will help you flaunt your looks throughout the wedding season.

More About Designer and Trendy Salwar Kameez Suits

The salwar kameez is the pride of Indian ethnic wear, and it is an assembler attire for women that originated in the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan.

The bottom of the attire is generally loose pajama pants which are known as the salwar, while the top is a tunic which is known as the Kameez, and it is a Kurti type.

The pretty attire would be completed with a beautiful scarf known as a dupatta.

Some of the Latest Salwar Kameez Trends that you must know about are as follows.


  • Punjabi Salwar Suit

Once Upon a time, Punjabi salwar suits were just the pride of Punjabi women, but today, they are worn by everyone across the country, and women have an eternal love affair with the typical Punjabi salwar suits.

They are also known as the Patiala suits, and they feature a knee-length kurta known as kameez and a pleated Baggy salwar which is tight at the ankles. The Punjabi bridal suit is entirely in trend, and it is accompanied by a heavily embellished dupatta featuring embroidery zari work and even mirror work.

The salwar kameez is usually found in classic nuptial colors, including red and gold. Young Indian brides look forward to experimenting with colors making pink, yellow-green other colors the bridal favorites for the Punjabi salwar suits.

Punjabi suits are perfect to choose for ethnic wear at Indian weddings. You compare them with some of the typical jewelry, and the complete ensemble will make you look chic during your special day.

  • Anarkali Style Suits

I suppose you might be wrong if you think anarkalis are no longer in trend and gone are the days when people used to wear them. The classical Anarkali suit is one of the few Indian clothes that has stood the test of time and, to date, remains one of the most trending in-demand salwar kameez styles.

The traditional Anarkali looks terrific at weddings, and it is designed to offer young brides a gorgeous royal look. Anarkali suits are designed with loose flowy pleats near the torso featuring an embellished neckline and magnificent player at the bottom that are known to take everyone’s breadth away.

Most In Style fabrics for designer anarkalis include Georgette chiffon Georgette and net, and they are decorated with intricate zari embroidery stonework and others.

  • Sharara

Whenever you hear the term Shararas all you will think about is the famous Shilpa Shetty song sharara sharara sharara sharara main Hoon Ek sharara. In the early 2000s, people fell in love with shararas, and the pretty Pakistani-style salwar kameez is making a comeback even today, this wedding season.

The gorgeous Sharara is generally worn with short tunic tops and pants, including a salwar that fits on the thighs and has flowy on the length below.

Even though not so common, the salwar is sometimes joined above the knee and is made to be the highlight of the attire by adorning it with heavy embellishments, sequin, and zari work.

It is perfect for a bright on her men der sangeet because every inch of the elegant dress will ooze a royal splendor. The fashionista brides can also replace the typical tunic with a crop top to add some brownie points.

  • Crop Top and Dhoti Pants

The crop top and dhoti pants style are for the bold urban bride, and it is not for the faint-hearted. The salwar kameez design is all about style and glamour. The trendy ensemble comes with a crop top with classic Indian designs and subtle embroidery and is paired with loose and comfortable dhoti pants.

You can pair junction Rajasthani jutti to complete the attire perfectly. The classic pic to make you the most vogue bride of this season.

  • Floral Salwar with Subtle Colors

Representing the calming designs of the vintage era, the fantastic salwar kameez in light colors have been a big hit during this wedding season, and the trend doesn't seem to be going out anywhere soon.

Brides with excellent fashion sense look lovely in vintage-style dresses featuring floral patterns and individualistic colors, including rose gold, lavender lilac, and others.

  • Churidar Suits

Churidar is timeless ethnic wear that has expanded its popularity across South Asian countries, and different paintings often mention the prevalence of the attire in those times. The ethnic outfit has a vast history of rich heritage, and it is a variant of the salwar suit.

It fits below the knees with horizontal gathers near the ankles, and the length of the churidar is ideally more extended than the leg, and it is combined with a tight fit below the knee that leads to unique bunched upholds that resemble the Indian bangles.

Even though the churidar is clenched to your legs, it gives a perfect fit that is comfortable. It is a perfect blend of fashion, grace, and style, which is adorned by different women. Different cuts and designs of churidar suits give a sleek and elegant look.

You can get your hands on different types of churidar suits with heavy work for special occasions like weddings. If you do not like the tight fitting, you can also go for a dress material known as leggings.

  • Abhaya Style Salwar Kameez

One of the best fusions of Middle Eastern Indian ethnic style is to create the perfect match, which is the stylish long clock Abhaya style dresses for women that are making a big in the Indian wedding scene.

The salwar kameez is all about a long robe with a fitting salwar and occasionally has a slipped in between the kurta, which you can also whereas a gown.

They are getting a lot of prominence for the sophisticated embroidery work with the fashion designers using the net and Georgette fabrics.

Key Takeaways

The wedding season is all about to mark its entrance, and by now, you will be aware of all the latest trends. Irrespective of what you want to buy for your big day, you can explore the latest clothing outfits at YourDesignerWear and get your hands on whatever you want.

You can be completely assured of getting the best quality salwar kameez. The salwar kameez is always in trend. So, you can be stress-free before or after buying them!