15 Creative Saree Draping Style for Elegant Look

15 Creative Saree Draping Style for Elegant Look

Whenever we talk about Indian clothing, the first thing that clicks in our mind is a Saree. It is a very traditional, standard, and ceremonial outfit that makes women look beautiful and stunning. It is stylish and dignified, but wearing a saree that isn’t draped properly, won’t provide that graceful look and will look simple and plain.

So, how about providing your saree, a completely different appearance that will make you look attractive and contrastingly unique. Also, wearing the same saree two or three times might be unexciting, and you won’t like to wear that saree again and again.

So, instead of going to the market and searching for new sarees, again and again, you can create an outfit of your own. So here are some ways to transform your simple saree into something different and classy.

  • Draping in Pant Style - Pants are not just made to be worn with kurtas; you can even wear them with a saree. Pairing your saree with pants might seem as an odd combination, but if you wear it with pants, you’ll get a completely different, bold, and eye-catching look.

Wearing a saree with pants is a great combination of Indian and western twists, and it will look different from those simple sarees. You can opt for the same colour of pants as your saree, and you are good to go. It will spice up your look. Also, wearing a petticoat with a saree is already old-fashioned, so you should give this look a try.

  • Draping in Gujrati Style - If you want to go for that traditional look and give your saree a very luxurious and gorgeous style, then you should give this look a try. 

You can flourish the heavy pallu of your saree with this draping style. This drape will go amazingly with Kanjeevaram or Banaras saree, and you’ll undoubtedly love the outcome.

  • Draping in Mumtaz Style - If you are fond of wearing the saree in retro style, this drape is for you, you can wear the saree just in the way as Mumtaz wore it, if you want a perfect saree for party season, this is the best option you can go for. This style is known as the Mumtaz style. 

The heavy border present on the saree makes it look even more offbeat. Just wear a chiffon saree with this drape, and you are all ready to flaunt your saree.

  • Draping the Saree with Belt / Belted Saree Drape - Wearing a belt on the saree will provide an elite look. This will allow your waistline to be highlighted because of the belt, giving it a stunning look.

It will also furnish your saree with a gleam, and you can choose the broadness of the belt according to your saree. This look will look simple but elegant and rich.

  • Draping in Butterfly Style - If you are a Bollywood fan and love to go with the trend, this is the best draping style match for you. This is in fashion and is simple to do. A small-parted pallu with tying your saree a little lower than usual is all that is needed to be done.

In this format, your saree can perfectly be styled with a sleeveless and backless blouse. If you want to go for a different style than normal, you should give it a try.

  • Draping in Bengali Style - If we talk about Bengali saree, all we think is of a simple saree but do you know, we can completely change the simple look of this saree and give it a whole different outfit. 

This draping style is currently in trend, and all you have to do is get a saree with a heavy border and pair it with a backless blouse. This provides a unique look, and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

  • Draping in Dhoti Style - This might look odd to pair saree with dhoti, but this is in trend today, and this draping style will provide you with a completely different and interesting look. 

You might have seen Sonam Kapoor wearing this type of drape, and this will surely go with a jacket or blazer and give you a diversified look. You can also carry lightweight jewellery, and this will be the perfect stylish look. 

  • Draping with Scarf or Neck Wrap - Carrying the pallu on the shoulder is old-fashioned and boring, so why not give it a fresh and completely new look? Rather than putting the pallu on the shoulder, try to wear or tie it like a scarf, this will look very classy and beautiful, and a matching blouse with the saree is almost perfect. 

This will not only look good on you, but it will also provide you with a western touch. There is no such specific requirement of a necklace in this look, and it is ideal for winters.

  • Cocktail or Pre-Stitched Draping Style - In this style of saree, all you need is a heavy blouse, and you can pair a simple saree with a bodysuit or blouse with heavy work. The best-picked sarees for this drape are chiffon or georgette saree, and this look will be beautiful, providing a delightful and pleasing appearance. 

If you don't want a heavy blouse, you can even have this style by having heavy pallu on a simple saree. This will intensify the blouse you are wearing and will enhance your whole look.

  • Draping with Lehenga - This look might be familiar and ordinary but is appealing too as this style is common but always remains in trend. If you don’t have a saree and you have to go somewhere, you can style your pallu in such a way that the final look that comes is the same as a lehenga.

This will provide a very different look to you and will look beautiful, so there is no need to be concern if you don’t have a saree or lehenga. With this draping style, you can make a different outfit, and you are good to go with that.

  • Draping with Dupatta - You can pair a flawless dupatta with a saree. This style goes perfectly with a silk saree, so you can place the dupatta in front and add a belt around your waist. This style might be simple but will look decent and pretty and will give you good vibes.
  • Draping with Jacket Blouse - This is not a new way of draping the saree, but it still looks great. All you need is a plain saree and a heavy or simple jacket (based on the occasion). The heavy jacket will provide the simple saree with a significant and appreciable look perfect for a formal party.
  • Draping with Shirt Blouse - Pair your saree with a full sleeve shirt, and the outcome will be great, the shirt will work as a blouse, and this outfit will look modern and good. You can add heavy jewellery to your look, and this will be next to perfect.
  • Draping in Maharashtrian Style - You can wear your simple saree in Maharashtrian style, and it will give a traditional and decent look. This style is not used much, but you can still go for this look if you want to go for something conventional. 

All you have to do is lower drape the pleats and make the pleats of 5-6 inches, and then you are ready to flaunt your traditional look.

  • Draping in Mermaid Style - This style will provide your body with a curvy effect, and you will get a close-fitting look. 

This will enhance your figure, and if you need a saree that fits your body, this style will look amazing on you.

These were 15 different draping styles that can provide your saree with a change and enhance its importance. With these styles, you have now the opportunity to add an enchanted look to your appearance. So, what are you waiting for? 

Surely, different styles exist when wearing a saree, but there is a high possibility that you might be a little skeptical before trying them out. However, these patterns will change your look and make your entire outfit classy and gorgeous. So, you should go ahead and give these looks a try; maybe these outfits suit you better than the simple saree wear.

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