Salwar Kameez - A Highly Popular and Preferred Indian Style Clothing Outfit!

Salwar Kameez - A Highly Popular and Preferred Indian Style Clothing Outfit!

If you have known anything about Indian culture, you must understand that Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular outfits among Indian women. It is a very comfortable outfit option for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Salwar can be teamed up with a long kurta, t-shirt, or even a long t-shirt. 

It is a perfect outfit choice for all, a homemaker and a working woman. One can style it differently with a change in the stitching pattern or try pre-stitched always. The Designer Salwar Kameez can be teamed up with dupattas or shawls. Below we have brought ten most salwar suit styles, have a look and try them on if you haven't yet!

10 Evergreen Salwar Suit Styles for 2022

Salwar suits usually consist of a top called kameez, and the bottom called the salwar. If you want to wear it traditionally, a dupatta is also teamed up with a salwar suit to complete the look. However, for a modern look, the use of a dupatta is not believed to be that crucial. 

With the changing trends, the designing and making of salwar kameez have undergone several modifications. Before you decide to go out on a shopping spree, you must know about the several kinds of options available online or in the market. We have listed out a few evergreen kinds of salwar suit styles for you to choose from:

  1. Punjabi Salwar Suits 

Punjabi Salwar Kameez is known the same because it is a conventional outfit that Punjabi women get dressed in regularly. One can wear it on any occasion like a family reunion, weddings, spiritual activities, and even at home (as a regular wear outfit). However, dressing up or dressing down depends on the event or the place.

One can get it stitched in any fabric or sewing pattern. Anyone can feel like true royalty by wearing a perfect set of salwar kameez. It is a highly flexible and easily available outfit that anyone can wear. 

  1. Anarkali Suit

An Anarkali Suit is a perfect outfit that adds a stunning and flowing silhouette. It simply cinches beneath the chest, and the rest of the kurta is flowy and unfastened. The Anarkali suit is usually paired with a churidar bottom; however, it is not an obligation.

This Kurtis can also be paired with a salwar. The suit varies in style, length, fabric, and design. It can either be heavily embroidered or simple - it depends on where and what occasion one has to wear it. 

  1. Palazzo Suits

A Palazzo Suit is an outfit that usually comes with loose pants or trousers. It has become very popular among women of all ages - it is fashionable yet comfortable. One is free to choose from a wide range of palazzo suits that goes well with your requirements online. Palazzo pants are airy, breezy, and go perfectly well with anything and everything.

Simple pants are not the best for every occasion, and it is when palazzo comes for your rescue. It is an outstanding combination of beauty and fashion- buy it for occasions like weddings or festivals. 

  1. Sharara Salwar Suit

Sharara salwar suit is also known as a three-piece Indian ethnic outfit. It comes with a short kurta, a wide-legged bottom or Sharara and a dupatta. Sharara pants are fitted till the knees; the wide flare starts and goes till the floor.

The Sharara is somewhat similar to but is not the same as a Gharara pant. The origin of a Sharara suit is traced back to the Mughal era, to the Awadh region, which is better known today as Lucknow. 

  1. Churidar Salwar Suits

A churidar is a common variant of salwar pants. Salwar has a wide top and narrow bottom, and churidars are fitted pants with a narrow bottom that highlight the contours of the leg. The pants are cut and stitched in a way that they have enough room for you to sit so that it doesn't tear apart.

It may not be in style for a long time, but it is one of the most fun-to-wear forms of Indian ethnicity. 

  1. Casual Salwar Kameez

A basic salwar kameez is one of the most informal outfits of all Indian apparel that women of all ages and classes wear. Many styles have come and gone, but casual wear salwar kameez have stayed. Today's fashion designers have infused a breath of fresh air into this casual outfit.

All the new styles, colours, and embellishments have added a new flavour to the everyday salwar kameez. 

  1. Cotton Salwar Kameez

The Cotton Salwar Kameez is popularly known for its elegance, ease and durability. Cotton is the most versatile fabric and lends an exceptional range of designs. One can find numerous styles and varieties of cotton salwar kameez in the market and even online.

There is a wide range of fabrics such as pure cotton, chanderi cotton, mixed cotton, organic, voile and many more. 

  1. Plus Size Suits

The best part of a Plus-size Suit is that it allows the person wearing it to stay comfortable and breezy during the harsh summers. They are perfect for any body type.

You can find a plus size suit is plenty of fabrics like chiffons, net, rayon, georgette, satin, viscose, cotton, crepe and many more as these materials are very light and breathable. 

  1. Readymade Salwar Kameez

A Readymade Salwar Kameez paired with a dupatta is an essential must-have in every woman's wardrobe. It is one of the most popular ethnic outfits which has been on the shopping list of almost every woman.

It is an onset solution to various stitching issues that most women go through because of their tailors. With the readymade thing, one does not have to worry about late delivery issues, size problems or extra tailoring costs. 

  1. Straight Cut Suits

Straight cut suits are the most preferred style of suits in their wardrobe. This outfit creates a buzz in the fashion circuit as it works as a perfect combination of subtleness and elegance. It is a structured piece of clothing that gives a smart, elegant and wearable look to a tall and slim person.

It complements just about every shape and size. It is the perfect pick for any event and has made its mark in the clothing industry. 

How to Buy the Salwar Kameez Online Without Any Hassle?

If you plan to buy a salwar kameez set online, you must keep the following few things in mind. 

  1. Choose The Fabric Accordingly

The one downside of buying any piece of clothing online is that you can't feel the fabric. It is recommended to check the description before hitting the buy button thoroughly. You must choose the material according to the weather and clothing style.

For instance, you should opt for chiffon, crepe or georgette material for a churidar or Anarkali suit. For regular purposes, cotton is a suitable material for comfort and class. Velvet is the right choice for royalty and elegance in your outfit for a winter wedding especially. 

For a straight A-line Kameez or Kurta, the right choice of fabric can be velvet, silk, brocade, tussar, or chanderi. However, it is best to experiment with the fabrics until you decide which suits your body type and occasion the best. 

  1. Styles That Suit Your Body Type

Always go for the salwar kameez that compliments your body type. Thus, it is vital to check the size chart before ordering the outfit online. Women with a little plump body type can opt for straight cut suits for adding a slim and sleek look to the overall appearance.

Anarkali can be an excellent option for lean body women - it adds flair and volume to their appearance. However, it is best recommended to experiment with different styles and designer cuts to find out which style is your calling. If you want to make your outfit a little distinct and stylish, you can try designs like dhoti cut, side trails, front slit, asymmetrical hemlines, zip above the waistline and much more.

  1. Choose Between Stitched and Unstitched Suits

If your measurements are accurate body type salwar suits, it is best to opt for readymade salwar suits. However, there is a scope of alteration in most of the readymade outfits you purchase, which will do the best for you.

For example, those with a fuller body can opt for a semi-stitched or unstitched suit that can be stitched correctly according to the body measurements. 

  1. Choose the Color of the Outfit Wisely

A colour change can make a significant difference to your appearance. A wrong choice of colour can make or break your look. Dress up according to the occasion and the time of the occasion to choose the right colour.

You should better opt for primary colours for weddings, festivals and sangeet. Besides, receptions call for more pastel and subdued shades such as aqua, peach, lavender, powder pink and soft green. Black, blues and maroons are the best choices for a formal event. And finally lighter and soft colours like Pista green, white and baby pinks are the colours for a casual outing. 

  1. The Length of the Sleeves Plays a Crucial Role

It is yet another thing that can make or break your outfit. The latest trend of sleeves for salwar kameez is long sleeves. However, there are plenty of designer options to choose from in the present time, thus don't follow the usual.

Choosing the sleeve length according to your outfit and body type is also essential. Sleeve designs you can choose from include cap sleeves, mid-arm sleeves, elbow sleeves and much more. Besides that, you can also opt for balloon sleeves, cap style or cold shoulder cuts for a distinct look.

Key Takeaways

While you are shopping for salwar kameez online, it is essential to check the credibility and reliability of the website. The customer reviews and return policies can help you decide whether any particular salwar kameez is worth the price you are about to pay.

With online shopping at YourDesignerWear, you have endless clothing items to choose from. So, shop wisely from a credible website, and don't forget to treat yourself right!

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