The Best Saree Styles to Enhance your Game of Fashion!

The Best Saree Styles to Enhance your Game of Fashion!

Fashion trends change now and again. But it holds back one everlasting constant that remains the same is the timeless classic Indian saree. For years we have always looked towards the past for future inspiration. It applies to the saree too. Aren't we all familiar with the infamous story of Mahabharat, of how a single piece of unstitched cloth saved the day?

Well, a saree has seen it all from hundreds of years of changes to colonization’s and has now evolved into a fancy, glamorous, and sensual outfit worn by beautiful women all over the world. The six yards of elegance is purely a drape.

A long, undone, beautiful saree drape gives a lot of room for work. Whatever way you drape it, it works! It also provides designers with room for creativity and the potential to explore. It is one of the most adaptable pieces of clothing, worn differently with shirts, blouses, or even trousers and put together in numerous ways.

Let's have a look at different styles of sarees to augment your fashion game.

  • Drape Your Saree in Modern Approaches

Aren't you tired of the old-school saree drape? Try experimenting with new styles, fabrics and play around with the newest trends. Forget the traditional draping and play it fresh with the fusion of western and Indian wear such as a saree with trousers, pinafore, dhoti pants, and many more to stand tall in the crowd.

However, the designer saree is a folded masterpiece, the pattern of draping can add a lot of structures and charm to it. Experimenting with various styles can bring out a magnificent shape. Carrying it with a complimentary dupatta with patterns on a sheer plain saree with an off-shoulder blouse is just one way to do it. Wear this with a pair of heavy studs, and you will definitely end up looking like a fashionista.

The designer saree draping styles with a Kamar band and a stylish belt are our absolute favorites of all time. If you have a broad belt that you don't wear anymore, use the same to create a gorgeous look by pairing it with a multicolored saree style, and you will really be turning heads.

  • Georgette Saree Draping Styles for Marriages

It is time to go to the last-minute party, and you have no time to figure out what to wear? We are here to help you pick the right fabric that is breathable and glam, yet creates an effortless look.

The stylish georgette sarees have already made their mark for their incomparable drape excellence. It flows beautifully and carries elegance as the fabric allows it to be used for intricate embroidery, designs, artwork, embellishments, and much more to offer.

Although most Indian celebrations are dazzling, one cannot always wear glossy ensembles to every celebration and here designer georgette sarees are the best options. Matte sarees look classy and are perfect for your daytime functions. The sun makes georgette look dazzling in daylight; that is why georgette sarees are popular among the younger generations.

  • Chiffon Saree Styles That Look Slimmer

Have you ever looked at a saree that looked perfect in the shop on the mannequin, but with you the scenario is a bit different? Well, it is about choosing the wrong fabric and draping pattern. The ideal choice for all plus-size, curvaceous beauties out there is Chiffon, a light, airy, and translucent fabric that gives a beautiful outline to your curves and hugs you naturally. Chiffon sarees are not only slimming but also have an elegant and luxurious feel.

A saree is all about the right drape. A drape that makes you look plumper and bulkier is a big no! To avoid these draping mistakes, start by properly tucking your saree at the waist, keeping minimum pleats to get that beautiful shape and drape, and avoiding pleating it all on the shoulder.

Finally, choosing your color is also one of the factors to be considered, where solid colors could save you, lighter colors might not! Pick a darker-colored chiffon saree with micro prints and, you can look appealing and toned in no time.

  • Silk Saree Styles for Wedding Parties

Are you running out for a wedding and can't fathom what to be clothed in, go for a classic Indian Silk Saree with heavy intricate work, and you are going to turn the heads? Among the different types of wedding sarees available in India, the classic Silk Sarees are one of the finest and classic sarees that you will ever come across.

With the elegant weaves coming from the age-old handlooms of Varanasi, no one can go wrong with the classic saree. If you are looking to ooze royalty and beauty at the same time at the next wedding, you attend, go for timeless Silk Saree. These come with diversifications. Each state of the nation has its native silk saree, starting from Banarasi Meenakari to Manglorian silk. It's a pure delight to wear. The royal and opulent look it offers is incomparable. One can wear a silk saree on different events and occasions, even their wedding day!

  • Bollywood Designer Sarees for Marriage and Anniversary Parties

The relationship between Bollywood and Indian fashion is a long one that dates back to the early days of Bollywood. From Sridevi's blue sari in Mr. India to Priyanka Chopra's modern-day iteration in Dostana, the six yards have been lovingly celebrated in Bollywood movies.

The Bollywood designer sarees are in great demand this wedding season, and what restored approach to slash up your fashion measure with a prominent Bollywood enthused saree.

At YourDesignerWear, start by finding your favorite designs and styles of sarees. Be it a traditional or an international runway saree. A Bollywood saree is a must-have on our list!

  • Festive Wear Sarees for Special Occasions

It is that time of the year when festivals are right on the corner or a time where we have back-to-back wedding ceremonies to attend or a special occasion where we cannot miss to be. Whenever this happens all one could sound is dressing up as the smartest and most elegant person in the room and what better way could there be if it was not for a festive wear saree.

Explore the classy, graceful, elegant, exquisite sarees and just wait for that one special occasion where one could wear it up and flaunt that majestic feminine elegant side of theirs.

It is a season of bling and OTT outfits, and there is nothing better than making it all perfect as it is with Shimmer sarees. Yes, you read it just right! Choose a heavy shimmer festive saree and grab tons of compliments.

  • Fancy Sarees for Birthdays and Kitties

Are you hosting a kitty party for ladies, or a casual meetup or maybe a fun brunch with your friends? Fancy lightweight sarees are the perfect choice for these occasions. If you are looking for easy-breezy sarees that are not only perfect for your brunch but also for your everyday use, these are the best without a doubt!

They are primarily made from fabrics like tissues, soft silk, organza, and cotton to make a perfect daytime option for your outings.

New Designer Trends and Experimenting with your Fashion Sense!

We look around and see a lot of new trends emerging over time and the masses going gaga over it. There are several new styles that everyone wants to incorporate into their daily life and make their fashion sense panache, and that is why we keep on experimenting with our game of fashion.

We try different attires, different ways to pair them up, which sometimes turns out to be perfect, and sometimes we backslide miserably.

So, talking about experimenting with your fashion sense, the saree is the one piece of fabric that no matter what you do with it, no matter what you pair it up with, it doesn't matter if you plan to go ethnic or way too modern it always looks ravishing.

In this world full of variables like fashion trends, YourDesignerWear is the constant vogue that stands apart from the crowd. At your designer wear, you can find a wide range of sarees. From designs to colors and types, there's everything available for everyone out there.

Moving Forward

Every time you got to a party, a business meeting, a ceremony, there may be ladies who have their saree on and mesmerize you with the beauty, the class, and the elegance one piece of fabric could devour in itself, and you just keep on drooling of wearing it, but why does that happen? And how can a piece of fabric attract the way it does?

At YourDesignerWear, we do not just offer a piece of fabric. It is an amalgamation of confidence, freedom, empowerment that is devoured in an outfit, and when you wrap it around your body and you walk into a room, you feel like you own it because you are assured in your skin. Reign your love for the timeless classic at YourDesignerWear and relish it for a lifetime.