The Ideal Guide to Designer and Stylish Kurtas for Men

The Ideal Guide to Designer and Stylish Kurtas for Men

Kurtas have always been the most loved and admired outfits for men. There are so many kurtas varieties that one may get tired browsing them, but the list won't end. There are different fabrics, designs, patterns, silhouettes, etc. 

The fashion industry has constantly been experimenting with colours as well. There are so many styles one can choose from. 

There are kurtas for parties, meetings, lunch, outings, etc. Kurtas are most popular in South Asian countries, and the trend is now spreading worldwide.

The interest of men in fashion is developing day by day. Men are now more conscious of what they wear, and they also put in a lot of effort to look stylish.

However, every man's choice is different, and there are kurta options for all of them. We have made your work easy by enlisting different types of kurtas below to help you look more fashionable. 

  • Chikankari Kurta

A chikankari kurta paired with any bottom of your choice can never go wrong. It has been popular in India ever since the times of Jahangir. The trend of chikankari never seems to cease. It is timeless and elegant at the same time. 

Its best works are found in its home- Lucknow, India. One can wear these kurtas for a religious event, college fests or a family function. People usually wear juttis or sandals with chikankari kurtas. 

You need not worry about the colours as almost every colour is available in this fabric. You can wear sunglasses or probably a watch to add more glamour to one’s look, and you’re good to go! 

  • Bandhgala Kurta

Bandhgala Kurta !! You must have seen this classic piece of clothing on your favourite celebrities. 

This kurta is perfect for a wedding function or your Diwali Party. There are so many ways to style a bandhgala kurta. You can wear a Nehru jacket or maybe a sleeveless jacket over your kurta. 

It's best to wear a Bandhgala during winter as it is buttoned up to the neck and keeps you warm. Even the most basic solid colours look so elegant with such kurtas. So next time when you have to attend a wedding and are clueless about what to wear, go for a Bandhgala Kurta and pair it up with a white pyjama! 

  • Denim Kurta

If you want to wear a Kurta with a touch of denim, this is the answer to all your confusion. 

Denim Kurtas are one of the best choices to dress casually and look stylish. It can be paired with pants, jeans or maybe a pyjama. You can also opt to wear shoes with such kurtas or whatever you wish to. It goes with almost every piece of footwear.

Denim is the latest trend, so these kurtas will also make you fashionable!

  • Pathani Kurta

What word comes into your mind when you hear 'Pathani Kurtas?' 

"Royal!" Right?

That's the uniqueness of these kurtas. They speak volumes. The elegance and regality of Pathani Kurtas is unmatched. It is often associated with Muslims but worn worldwide, especially in Asia. 

These kurtas are worn with salwar and can also be paired with a Nehru jacket or a simple waistcoat. Pathani juttis look the best with such kurtas. Since it is considered more of formal wear, it can be worn for any festival or wedding function.

  • Draped Kurta

Well, gone are the days when draped outfits were only meant to be worn by women. Yes, you read that right!

In the past 10 to 15 years, draped kurtas have become a fashion statement for men. They are considered to be stylish. Many experiments are being done in the fashion and design industry for men. 

Draped kurtas are usually paired with cigarette pants or churidars. You can also experiment with pink, peach, brown, and whatnot colours!

These kurtas are so popular on fashion shows, and the trend is here to stay.

  • Short Kurta

Short kurtas are something that every man must have in his wardrobe. 

These kurtas are super comfortable and breezy. If you want to keep it casual yet stylish, you should go for short kurtas. They are perfect to be paired with Patiala, jeans or harem pants. 

Short kurtas are better suited for informal meetings or maybe a daytime event. 

There are different varieties of short kurtas available in the market. You can choose from a wide range of white linen to khadi and more. So, if you prefer comfort and style in one kurta, go for short kurtas right now!

  • Sherwani Kurta

Every man's favourite kurta to wear at weddings is undoubtedly the Sherwani. 

These are usually made of thick fabric. It highlights the sharpness of the shoulder. Nothing looks more magnificent than a Sherwani Kurta if you're attending a wedding or if you are the groom. 

It is usually accompanied by a turban or pagdi if it’s a family wedding. You can wear Mojari juttis, Kolhapuris, Nagara Shoes, etc. 

To add more royalty to the look, you can also carry a shawl or stole that matches the aesthetics of the kurta. You’ll be the photographer’s favourite!

  • Asymmetric Kurta

Tired of wearing the same old boring kurtas ? Well, worry not! Asymmetric Kurtas are made for the creative mind in you.

These kurtas are the latest trend, and they define fashion. It makes you look so stylish and also emits the vibes of a designer outfit. A classic watch adds more to the style. 

One can also put on a brooch to get a distinguished look. You can also play with colours ranging from neutral to vibrant.

Asymmetric Kurtas are best suited for an office meeting or a wedding reception.

  • Half-sleeves Striped Kurta

It’s become a little hard to find comfortable and casual outfits but also stylish at the same time.

Half-sleeves striped kurtas have come to the rescue. 

These are best suited to wear and beat the heat during summer as they provide enough space for air and make you feel calm. The stripes are the bonus points! They provide a stylish look to the outfit. 

Such kurtas can be paired with jeans or churidars. 

It is preferred to be worn in casual meetings with friends and family.

  • Shirt Kurta

There’s no limit to the creativity of fashion designers, and the creation of Shirt Kurtas is a clear proof of that.

So, if you’re the one who wants a blend of western and Indian touch in their kurtas, Shirt Kurtas are for you! 

They are a combination of western shirts and Indian Kurtas. They are perfect for summer. Shirt Kurtas are available in all colours possible. 

You can wear it with jeans or trousers. It’s perfect for a lunch date with your friends. It is also suited for beaches, where you can pair the kurta with shorts and slippers. 

  • Cotton Kurta

Cotton Kurtas are the evergreen kind. They’ll always be available in the market. They’ll never look non-stylish. 

They stand true to the phrase “Simplicity Rules.” Even the simplest of cotton kurtas will look so classy. However, there are different patterns, lengths and colours also available. You can always experiment, and it will never go wrong.

Cotton Kurtas can be worn in any weather. However, they are considered to be the best for summer.

You can wear denim and sandals or shoes with your cotton kurta. You can also wear sunglasses to give a more dashing look. 

  • Printed Kurta

Do you want to wear a traditional outfit that is also stylish? 

If yes, then Printed Kurtas are your best friends! These kurtas have so many patterns, designs and motifs available. The mix and match of kurtas with different patterns is pleasing to the eye. They are often worn in summer.

There are floral prints, geometrical prints, and more for you to explore. 

Try to wear a pyjama of contrasting colour to enhance your look. Kurtas having floral print can be worn with light-coloured or pastel bottoms. Kurtas that have geometrical prints are often paired with bottoms of contrasting colours. You can wear jute shoes or kolhapuris with printed kurtas. 

Key Takeaways

These are the top trending styles that will guide you to wearing designer and stylish kurtas. You must keep in mind the kind of weather you will wear the kurta in and purchase accordingly. 

It would be best if you also noticed what colours go for the occasion and put a conscious effort into deciding your footwear according to the kurta you are wearing. If it is a daytime function, wearing a nice pair of sunglasses will magnify your style. 

You may also want to consider the accessories. For instance, you can also wear a watch for a classier look. Hence, it’s not just about the kurta you choose but also how you style it to make yourself look more stylish. 

There are no set rules. You can always experiment in designing the outfit. Always put your comfort above the fashion trends. Also, most importantly, do not forget to accessorize your look with your beautiful smile and confidence. You will always look stylish that way!

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