Trend Alert! Off Shoulder Blouses With Saree

Trend Alert! Off Shoulder Blouses With Saree

With the fashion changing every day, now there are so many options for you blouse designs. From creative back designs to neckline and sleeves, blouses can be customized in many ways. The latest trend for the saree blouses now is the off shoulder blouse which has been seen flaunting by many girls.

Trend Alert! Off shoulder blouses with a simple saree

One of the things about off-shoulder blouses is that it can be worn by women at any age, be it a girl who is in her twenties, thirties or even college girls with charm and elegance. If chosen and paired with the right kind of saree, it can make the woman look anything right from classy to sexy to cute and even classy.

Types of Off Shoulder Saree Blouses and How to Style Them?

With the varying variety and colors of saree blouses available today in the market, anyone can get confused. However, with the off-shoulder blouse there are only two basic kinds i.e. one displaying one shoulder and the other one displaying both shoulders. There is also a long sleeved off-shoulder blouse with both your shoulders bare. This is one of the most popular trends among young girls, today.

How to Style this Look?

If you want to create a trendy look for yourself, pair a white off-shoulder blouse with a black designer saree and red high heels. Also, let your hair down on one side, so your one shoulder is bare. Don’t forget girls, to put on some red lipstick to complete the look.

Styling Tip!

For a soft, feminine look, a lacy off-shoulder blouse paired with a plain French chiffon saree and you are all set to make heads turn.

Hence, as you can see that, an off-shoulder blouse can make you look trendy, sexy and elegant all at once. This is a must have for all girls who love to wear sarees and ethnic wear. So the next time you have a wedding to attend, you can be sure to look and feel beautiful with this latest style of blouses.

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